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Hughes Education
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If you are caught up in your career & not in a position to take a break for upgrading your skills, this programme from IIMK is a God sent gift for you! Thank you Hughes Education!

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Faculty base at the Institute comprise of guest, adjunct, visiting and regular faculty. The core strength of the faculty is formed by regular faculty and a set of committed adjunct faculty (who conduct one or more courses) or visiting faculty (who come for a period ranging from three months to two years), who provide specialised support. Experienced guest faculty is usually drawn from industry to provide critical insights on a particular topic/issue in a course or a programme, many of whom have been associated with the Institute for several years now. There is a regular flow of faculty from leading foreign institutions.
The Institute aims to have a faculty mix of 70% regular and 30% adjunct/visiting in various programmes. The composition of faculty from foreign institutions may be up to 10%, to bring global experience and perspective.
A salient and outstanding feature of the faculty of the institute is that every faculty engages in Research, Teaching in Post Graduate Programme, Interactive Distance Learning Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes, and conducts one or more Management Development Programmes every year.
Faculty members also actively associate in industry interaction seminars and National/ International Conferences. Such a portfolio helps them in both knowledge generation and dissemination and also in keeping constant touch with recent developments in industry and other sectors as well as global environment, to make education and training programmes more meaningful and relevant. Besides, it helps in benefiting from the synergies between research, literature development and conduction of educational and training programmes. It also provides a platform to international faculty to participate and contribute actively and meaningfully to the Institute’s academic activities in a short period of time.

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