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IIT Delhi - Advanced Programme (Course) in E-Vehicle Technology

Electric vehicles are the next BIG thing driving the long-term sustainability goals across countries and companies globally. It is currently considered to be an important step towards mitigating dependency on crude oil, minimizing carbon footprint, and improving transportation sustainability. As per a report published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the EV market share will predominantly skyrocket from just 1.4% in March 2016 to 25% by 2040. Sensing the emerging possibilities of this newer segment, backed by data, manufacturers have made major investments in electric automobile technology. This has opened-up employment and growth opportunities for individuals with knowledge in the required field.

Responding to the training and development needs of industry 4.0 in automotive, IIT Delhi has launched the Advanced Programme in E-Vehicle Technology. This IIT Delhi certificate course aims to provide a basic understanding of the working of the storage devices from single cell to pack level, duty cycles led sizing of storage, and basics of power electronics required for interfacing devices with drivetrains. This automobile course has been meticulously designed to enable participants build the required skill set, capabilities and knowledge in the e-mobility domain.  The course is for engineers and professionals vying to work in this industry in varying capacities of research, sales, quality control and production. 

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Course Content


Module 1: Overview of Electric Vehicle

This module will provide the background and overview of the programme learning. It will introduce the need for the electric vehicles, classification of the electric vehicles, understanding electric drivetrain etc.

Module 2: Revisiting Fundamentals 

This module is designed to provide a relevant and holistic view of the various terminologies and fundamentals of any electrochemical device.

Module 3: Electrochemical Cells

Knowledge of various energy storage devices such as Li-ion battery, supercapacitor, fuel cells, and flow batteries etc. will be discussed in detail at cell level.

Module 4: Module and Pack Design from Cell Level

The understanding gained from module 3 will be used for design and building of module and packs from the cells for real application.

Module 5: Power Electronics Interface

The charge and discharge of the energy storage device (e.g., battery) pack require matching of its characteristics with the charger and drive train characteristics. This matching is through power electronics devices and this learning module will provide relevant background to power electronics required to understand the design and working of power electronics interface.

Module 6: Charging Infrastructure

The success of the electric vehicle will depend on the suitable charging infrastructure. Therefore, the module will cover the relevant details related to chargers as well as smart and mini grids etc.

Module 7: Overview of Policies

This module will discuss various government policies relevant to electric vehicles.

Certification & Enrolment

Who Should Attend?

Fresh graduates who aspire to work in the sunrise sector of E-vehicles to get a comprehensive overview of the technology space

Working professionals in R&D

- At entry-level to get a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles behind the working of energy storage devices and the interface with power electronics, thereby understanding the new possibilities and research directions

- At Mid and Senior level to refresh the underpinning principles behind the energy storage technology and relate it to future trends in the technology

Working professionals at all levels in

- Quality Control to get exposure on the relation between the quality specifications and working of the devices at the fundamental level.

- Production, Sales & Support to understand the terminologies related to rating, sizing and specifications of the relevant technologies such as energy storage devices, chargers, power electronic components, and powertrain drives.

- Management and Decision Making roles to familiarize with the jargons related to E-Vehicle technology and get a comprehensive view of the possibilities and limitations of fast-changing technologies in the E-Vehicle domain.

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Admission Process


For Indian Participants: Graduates or Diploma Holders from a recognized University/Institutes (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Govt) in any discipline

For International Participants - Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country



step 1: Fill the application form and submit documents.


step 2: Document validation by Hughes Team.


step 3: Selection by IIT Delhi after screening of candidate profile.


step 4: Join the programme.

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Programme Fee

Fees Amount (INR)
Programme Fee INR 1,00,000/- incl. GST*
Installment 1 INR 50,000/- incl. GST*
Installment Date 24-09-2021
Installment 2 INR 50,000/- incl. GST*
Installment Date 24-12-2021


All fee should be submitted in the IIT Delhi CEP account only, and the receipt will be issued by IIT Delhi CEP account for your records.

*GST will be charged at prevailing rates (currently 18%).

Participant will be awarded a Successful Completion Certificate from IIT Delhi on scoring at least 50% aggregate marks in the evaluation components and maintaining a minimum attendance of 60% in lectures and tutorials. Participants who are unable to score 50% marks in the evaluation will be eligible for the Participation Certificate if their attendance is above 60%.

Thank you for a successful Batch 01. Enrollments for Batch 02 will begin shortly.

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Programme Faculty

Learn from the best faculty in Advanced Programme in E-Vehicle Technology

Dr. Anil Verma
Professor, IIT Delhi

(Chemical Engineering Department)

Dr. Anupam Shukla
Professor, IIT Delhi

(Chemical Engineering Department)

Dr. ing. Praveen Kumar
Professor, IIT Guwahati

(Electronics & Electrical Engineering Dept)

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