Batch No. 26
Class Starts Sep, 2021

Executive Programme in Business Management (EPBM)


IIM Calcutta

EPBM has been designed to enable participants to adapt to the fast-paced technological and organisational challenges faced today, while constantly evolving and adapting themselves. It aims to prepare professionals with skills that guide them in their business decisions through a better understanding of the complex socio-economic, environmental and ethical challenges faced by a firm.


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Course Content


Programme Contents

MODULE I: PERSPECTIVES AND FOUNDATIONS: This module attempts to help participants situate business decision making within the broad canvas of society. It emphasizes developing an ethical perspective and empathy and respect towards the most important component of business, its human resource. In summary, it helps participants see the ‘big picture’. Courses within this module are:


The Business Environment: Sensitising participants that every business organisation operates in a distinctive economic, political, regulatory, and social environment, which influences business outcomes, and in turn is affected by it. Concepts of macroeconomics, as it applies to business will be covered, as will the interaction of a firm with its dynamic, complex, uncertain, multifaceted and interrelated stakeholders.


Managerial Decision Making: This course will focus on the internal environment of the firm, starting with an understanding of business ethics and its role in developing corporate culture and the value system of a firm. This will be followed by an exposure to microeconomics and to quantitative techniques in decision making.


People Management: This course will be taught in blended mode, with face to face teaching, experiential learning and online teaching. While the fundamentals of organisation behaviour, leadership and human resource management will be taught using cases and lectures, negotiation and listening skills will be honed through hands on exercises. This learning will come in handy when exploring how to manage teams and people.


MODULE II: CORE BUSINESS SKILLS: This module is at the heart of the programme, and aims to equip participants with project management, financial and marketing skills. The learning is then synthesized at the end of the programme where students deploy the tools that they have been provided in a specific business context in a simulated management game to test their prowess. Courses within this module are:


Project Management: Participants are exposed to operations management and supply chain theory and are equipped with tools for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria in a specified time.


Managerial Finance: We employ an interdisciplinary approach that borrows from both managerial accounting and corporate finance, to enable participants to understand how to read balance sheets, report financial performance and practice sound financial management to create value and organizational agility by identifying how to allocate resources amongst competing business opportunities


Marketing Management: This includes understanding a customer and his/her needs, developing appropriate pricing and advertising strategies for brand management and customer relationship management. Elements of digital marketing and ecommerce will also be touched upon.


Communication and Presentation Skills: These are vital tools for anyone to transform themselves into general managers of tomorrow. Participants will be given an opportunity to work in teams during their first campus visit to develop these skills through making live presentations and receiving individualised feedback.


Business Simulations: This is a hands-on, interactive learning experience that allow participants to truly engage in the material. Instead of focusing on theoretical knowledge like in a typical classroom, participants build skills, improve conceptual knowledge, and gain a big picture view of the organization all at once. This serves as a capstone course, offered in the 2nd campus visit, to enable participants to synthesize all that they have learnt and put it into action while the business environment around them is changing.


MODULE III: MANAGING INTO THE FUTURE: Given today’s VUCA world, it is important that future managers find ways to provide steady, realistic direction to a firm and to lead with excellence, even when the strategy isn’t clear. To be future ready, participants are trained to deal with emergent technologies as well as innovate responsibly to create value for their organisation, or entrepreneurial venture. In short, the participants emerge with a futuristic mindset. Courses within this module are:


Strategic Management: The course will cover setting objectives, analyzing the competitive environment, analyzing the internal organization, evaluating strategies, and ensuring that management rolls out the strategies across the organization. Inputs will also be provided for participants to develop a strategic mindset.


Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset: We will uncover concepts and theories for business in innovation management and innovation processes. Further, design thinking and its relationship with developing sound business models, incorporating concepts of sustainability will be discussed. Finally, some inputs on developing an entrepreneurial mindset will be provided for participants for successfully leading verticals or departments or business units


Digital Transformation: This course will start with tools for leveraging information technology for competitive advantage and then discuss applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in various realms of business

Business Analytics and Driving Business in Exigencies and Contingencies: Almost 21 contact hours are devoted to cutting edge research, which the participants will be exposed to during their second campus visit These sessions will be customized to the exigencies and contingencies faced by them in the dynamic business environment within the available resources at IIM Calcutta.

Certification & Duration

Programme Schedule and Duration

Our classes will be held once a week to accommodate your busy schedule.


Duration: 12 months

Sunday: 03:30 pm - 06:30 pm

Note: 66% attendance is mandatory per module

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Admission Process


You should have a minimum 5 years of work experience post completion of your graduation.

You should be a Graduate with a total score of 50%, an aggregate of 3 or 4 years.

The degree should be recognised by UGC/AICTE.

You should be currently working.



step 1: Fill the application form and submit documents with assistance from Hughes team.


step 2: Document validation by Hughes Team.


step 3: Selection by IIM Calcutta after screening of candidate profile.


step 4: Join the programme.

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Programme Fee

For All Students      Amount (INR)
Application Fee       INR 2,500/- +GST*
Registration Fee     INR 11,500/- + GST*
Programme Fee INR 4,00,000/- + GST*
Campus Visit Fee    INR 80,000/- + GST*
Total Fee (excluding application & registration fee) INR 4,80,000/- + GST*
Installment 1 INR 1,40,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,00,000/-*
Campus Fee INR 40,000/-*
Installment 2 INR 1,00,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,00,000/-*
Installment 3 INR 1,00,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,00,000/-*
Installment 4 INR 1,40,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,00,000/-*
Campus Fee INR 40,000/-*

The student fee includes all the course material which is e-books, simulations and case studies, certification and alumni membership for the institute.

Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable towards any other student/program/batch.

GST will be charged at prevailing rates (currently @18%).

Any extra payment due to any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the programme will have to be borne by the student.

Your safety is our priority

Owning to the current COVID 19 safety concern, accomodation for all campus visits at IIM Calcutta will be on single occupancy basis only and not twin sharing basis. Due to this change, in accomodation plan campus fee also has been revised. Kindly refer to your respective course page for further details and revised Programme Fee calculations. In case of any query please feel free to contact with us at

Campus fees has to be paid 30 days prior to the actual campus dates.

Thank you for a successful Batch 25. Enrollments for Batch 26 will begin shortly.

Plan your installment with Flexi Payment
Installment Plan 20th Jun 2020 20th Jul 2020 20th Aug 2020 20th Sep 2020 20th Oct 2020 20th Nov 2020 20th Dec 2020 20th Jan 2021 20th Feb 2021 20th Mar 2021 20th Apr 2021 20th May 2021 Total
12 Installment  33,000/- 33,000/- 74,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 34,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 34,000/- 34,000/- 33,000/- 74,000/- 4,80,000/-
11 Installment    50,000/- 90,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 74,000/- 4,80,000/-
10 Installment      1,40,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 34,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 34,000/- 33,000/- 33,000/- 74,000/- 4,80,000/-
8 Installment    50,000/- 90,000/-   50,000/- 50,000/-   50,000/- INR 50,000/-   50,000/- 90,000/- 4,80,000/-
4 Installment      1,40,000/-     1,00,000/-     1,00,000/-     1,40,000/- 4,80,000/-
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20th Aug’20, 20th Nov’20, 20th Feb’20 and 20th May’20 are cut-off dates. Candidates have to clear all the due payments prior to these dates by cut-off dates for continuation.

For All Students      Amount (INR)
Application Fee       INR 3,500/- +GST*
Registration Fee     INR 15,500/- + GST*
Programme Fee INR 5,60,000/- + GST*
Campus Visit Fee    INR 80,000/- + GST*
Total Fee (exclusive of App & Reg Fee) INR 6,40,000/- + GST*
Installment 1 INR 1,80,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,40,000/-*
Campus Fee INR 40,000/-*
Installment 2 INR 1,40,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,40,000/-*
Installment 3 INR 1,40,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,40,000/-*
Installment 4 INR 1,80,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 1,40,000/-*
Campus Fee INR 40,000/-*
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Bhawana Tandon

Credit Manager
Axis Bank

EPBFS helps us in bridging the gap between what we have studied back in college to what we apply as on date. We have got to know about the Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Demand, Supply, Financial Management and shortcut ways to apply the concepts while we are on the job.

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Prakash Kumar Srivastava

State Bank of India

EPBFS is one of the best programs I had been waiting for. While working, we learn lots of things but we miss the touch of academics, this gap was filled by this program. I am are really very satisfied and have learnt a lot of things from the experienced faculty members.

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Binita Behal

Sr Finance Executive
Runwal Group

The course content of EPBFS given by IIM Calcutta is so amazing that you can link their theories in your own world. The session and infrastructure are amazing. Enjoyed the course content related to BSFI sector. Thanks to all the faculty members along with the technology partner in coordinating with us each day for a seamless experience, felt like the professors where in front of me and I could interact with them constantly.

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Shweta Berry

Head – Strategic Alliances, Marketing & Communications and CSR
Aeris Communications

The reason why I chose to come to IIM, Calcutta for this EPDSMMS is that the time has started to change now. The pedagogy has been excellent. Not only have we been exposed to the basic concepts of marketing but also to the case studies & methodology of learning in group studies and environment which is very conducive for the knowledge sharing as well as the peer learning. Also, the latest topics which are right now going digital and social have also been covered very well.

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