Batch No. 01
Class Starts Jan, 2021

Certificate Programme in Applied Blockchain


IIM Indore

Blockchain technology can be applied to virtually every business domain. With explosive growth in financial, healthcare and insurance industries, there is a huge demand for trained professionals who can solve business problems with latest in-demand technology.


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Course Content


Module 1: Introduction to blockchain

1. Course: Overview of blockchain technology

List of Contents:

   a. What blockchains do and why does it matter

   b. Structure of blockchains

   c. Blockchain applications 

   d. Blockchain lifecycle


2. Course: The Cryptocurrency Network

List of Contents:

   a. History of bitcoin blockchain

   b. Bitcoin blockchain

   c. Smart contracts with Bitcoin

Customized blockchain


3. Course: Ethereum Blockchain

List of Contents:

   a. Introduction to Ethereum

   b. Working with Ethereun

   c. Decentralized Autonomous Organization


4. Course: Blockchain platforms-Hyperledger

List of Contents: 

   a. Introduction to hyperledger

   b. Fabric of hyperledger

   c. Working with hyperledger


5. Course: Blockchain platforms-Microsoft, IBM, etc. 

List of Contents:

   a. The modular blockchain fabric

   b. Azure ecosystem

   c. Working with Azure

   d. Business blockchain on bluemix

   e. Watson’s smart blockchain

   f. Working with IBM bluemix


6. Course: Blockchain in Finance

List of Contents:

   a. Banking

   b. Global finance

   c. Fraud reduction

   d. Case studies in finance


7. Course: Blockchain in government and public administration

List of Contents:

   a. Smart cities

   b. Smart nation

   c. Security and international travel

   d. Case studies in public administration


8. Course: Blockchain in operations and supply chain management

List of Contents:

   a. Blockchain in supply chain management

   b. Blockchain supply chain platform

   c. Case studies in supply chain 


9. Course: Regulatory and Policy Considerations of Blockchain Technology

List of Contents:

   a. Jurisdiction

   b. Privacy and data protection

   c. Accountability

   d. Taxation systems

   e. Blockchain regulations in India and other countries


10. Course: Privacy and Risks in Using Blockchain Technology

List of Contents:

   a. Confidentiality and integrity

   b. Maintainability

   c. Availability and reliability

   d. Blockchain transactions


11. Course: Endnotes and the future of blockchain

List of Contents:

   a. Summary of learnings

   b. Future uses of blockchain technology

*Courses are subject to change


Certification & Duration

Programme Schedule and Duration

Our classes will be held once a week to accommodate your busy schedule.


Duration: 6 Months

Saturday- 6:45 PM -8:00 PM
                 8:30 PM -9:45 PM

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Admission Process


The candidate can be a Fresher/Graduate/Post Graduate



step 1: Fill the application form and submit documents.


step 2: Document validation by Hughes Team.


step 3: Selection by IIM Indore after screening of candidate profile.


step 4: Join the programme.

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Programme Fee

For All Students    Amount (INR)
Application Fee        INR 2,500/-+GST*
Registration Fee      INR 3,500/- + GST*
Programme Fee INR 1,12,000/- + GST*
Campus Visit Fee    INR 12,500/- + GST*
Miscellaneous Fees    INR 15,000/- + GST*
Total Fee (exclusive of App & Reg Fee) INR 1,39,000/- + GST*
Installment 1 INR 51,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 36,000/-*
Campus Fee INR 15,000/-*
Installment 2 INR 40,000/-*
Programme Fee INR 40,000/-*
Installment 3 INR 48,500/-*
Programme Fee INR 36,000/-*
Campus Fee INR 12,500/-*


Application and Registration Fee are non-refundable. Registration fees payable on selection.

Collection of Fee: Fees Mentioned above are exclusive of GST *GST (currently @ 18%) will be charged extra on these components Any extra payment due to any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the program will have to be borne by the students

Miscellaneous fees includes- Books/Study Materials/Simulations/Library/ Assessment/ Closing Ceremony/Certication Fee

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