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Advance Programme in Operations and Project Management


MDI Gurgaon

It is essential for executives to understand and apply principles of operations management in their current roles for continued future success and growth in their careers. This operations management course is designed to facilitate overall development of young professionals by introducing them to advance concepts of operations management and project management, including deep insights in IT and materials management. The programme’s objective is to equip professionals with desired operations management skills in early stages of their career. While a lot of certification courses in operations management are promising, this particular one stands out – given its faculty, pedagogy, and structure.


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Course Content

  • Introduction to Business Statistics: The foundations of business statistics help executives to have an easy understanding of the data, data visualization, making inferences out of the data, and predictive analytics and forecasting the demands. Thus, helping the professionals to make informed decisions.
    • Introduction to Business Statistics
    • Data Visualization using MS Excel
    • Business Applications using Statistics
    • Practicing Forecasting Techniques
    • Multivariate Regression Analytics
  • Operations Management: Every corporate executive is engaged in managing operations in some or the other way. The fundamentals of operations management, and the essential techniques of operations planning and decision making helps to manage the facilities, processes, inventories, and operations performance.
    • Facility Layout Planning
    • Facility Location Decision Making
    • Process and Product Design
    • Inventory Planning and Control
  • Optimization Techniques for Managing Operations: Business process optimization is the practice of increasing organizational efficiency by improving processes. The optimization techniques enable the executive to appreciate and learn how to use the scarce resources such as money, material, and manpower in a competitive business environment. A number of user- friendly business optimization tools are an important knowledge for organization’s performance.
    • Introduction to Operations Research and Management Science (OR/MS)
    • Structuring the Business Problems using OR/MS
    • Network Optimization
    • Advanced Applications of Large Scale Optimization 
  • Business Analytics: Business analytics courses help to guide the business decision in the different environmental scenario. The business has a rich amount of data, and there is a need for knowledge and techniques to analyze such data for better planning and coordination, and an improved sense and response of the customer requirements.
    • Fundamentals of Research Methods
    • Conjoint Analysis
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Advance Multivariate Regression
    • Statistical Quality/Process Control (SQC/SPC)
  • Procurement and Materials Management: The courses unravel the advance practices of the sourcing and materials management. The bottom line control has started fetching serious attention in businesses. The organizations look for targeted, cost savings from their overall annual purchases. The course helps the executives to learn the advances in the sourcing world.
    • Supplier Management
    • Procurement Strategies
    • Strategic Sourcing and Cost Control
    • Materials Management Techniques
  • Advanced Operations Management: The field of operations management has advanced tools and techniques to manage the operations performance. The inventory modeling under uncertain demand situations, production planning, materials planning, and capacity planning are essential areas of advanced operations management. Managing services operations management is a specialized need of the hour in services economies. There are specific techniques to manage the operations performance in services businesses.
    • Advanced Inventory Models
    • Production Planning and Control
    • Materials/Capacity Resources Planning (MRP/CRP)
    • Services Operations Management
  • Quality Management, Six Sigma and Lean Management: The concepts of quality management are growing in demand in the businesses. This demand has grown from the consumer’s affordability and increased expectations about the good quality products and services at premium prices. Also the philosophy of lean and quality is essential for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.
    • Quality Management Principles
    • Cost of Quality
    • Six Sigma in Manufacturing and Services
    • Philosophy of Lean Management
    • Theory of Constraints
  • Supply Chain Design and Management: The supply chain management is an important module for all operations and project managers. Today’s supply chains are very complex, involving multiple stakeholders. Managing the flow of data, information, money and physical goods become essential. The role of advanced technologies is the key to supply chain management. The businesses are moving towards sustainable supply chains.
    • Strategic Supply Chain Management
    • Industry 4.0 Technology and Risks in Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Network Design
    • Sustainable Supply Chain Management 
  • Project Management: Project management is an essential skill set for each corporate executive and operations manager. The projects planning, scheduling, and control are essential elements of project performance such as cost, time, and scope. There are specific techniques of planning, scheduling and control of the projects.
    • Project Conceptualization and Initiation •
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Planning and Scheduling
    • Project Monitoring
    • Project Success/Failure Case Studies
  • 4 Days Campus Emersion:
    • MS Excel – Wrap up and Summarization (Two Sessions)
    • Microsoft Project Software (Four Sessions)
    • Supply Chain Simulation (Four Sessions)
    • Emerging Quality Software (Minitab Exposure Two Sessions)
    • Practice and Experiential Learnings (Two Sessions)

*Exact title of the course and outline of sessions would be provided by the respective teaching faculty

Certification & Duration

Programme Schedule and Duration

The classes will be held once a week to deliver optimal learning in the given duration.


Duration: 12 months

Class Schedule: Sunday: 12:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Campus visit: 1 campus visit of 4 days

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Admission Process


Applicants should be working professionals/entrepreneurs, with minimum 2 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on class start date.

Graduates (10+2+3) / postgraduates in any discipline recognized by UGC/AICTE.



step 1: Fill the application form and submit documents.


step 2: Document validation by Hughes Team.


step 3: Selection by MDI Gurgaon after screening of candidate profile.


step 4: Join the programme.

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Programme Fee

For All Students       Amount (INR)
Application Fee       INR 2,500/- +GST*
Registration Fee       INR 6,350/- + GST*
Programme Fee INR 2,34,000/- + GST*
Study Material and Campus Fee     INR 20,000/- + GST*
Total Fee (Exclusive of Application & Registration Fee) INR 2,54,000/- + GST*
Installment 1 INR 58,500/-*
Programme Fee INR 58,500/-*
Installment 2 INR 58,500/-*
Programme Fee INR 58,500/-*
Installment 3 INR 58,500/-*
Programme Fee INR 58,500/-*
Installment 4 INR 58,500/-*
Programme Fee INR 58,500/-*
Study Material & Campus Visit INR 20,000/-*


Fees mentioned above are exclusive of GST· 

*GST (currently @ 18%) will be charged extra on these components. Any extra payment due to any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the program will have to be borne by the students.

Campus visit are subject to government directives and travel advisories

Important Dates: 

Last date to apply: 15th Jan 2022

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Programme directors

Learn from the best faculty in Advance Programme in Operations and Project Management

Prof. Narain Gupta
Associate Professor, Operations Management

(Faculty for Advance Programme in Operations and Project Management)

Prof. Amit Kumar Gupta
Assistant Professor, Operations Management

(Faculty for Advance Programme in Operations and Project Management)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MDI Gurgaon provide Certification on Project Management Course?

Yes, MDI Gurgaon offers certification in Project Management course. Among all the other certification courses in India, MDI Gurgaon Project Management course is one of the most promising and well-designed. 


Is MDI Gurgaon's Project Management programme available in places such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi?

MDI Gurgaon’s project management programme is available in places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi as they offer live interactive online classes. Participants can join from any part of the country.

What is the duration and eligibility of MDI Gurgaon's Project Management course?

The Project Management programme by MDI Gurgaon is a one-year programme. The programme is open for working professionals with 2 years' experience. Participants have to be graduates/postgraduates in any discipline recognized by UGC/AICTE.

Is the online project management course offered by MDI Gurgaon good for beginners?

Project Management by MDI Gurgaon course aims to equip young professionals with desired operations and project management skills in the early stages of their careers. It would be very helpful for beginners in creating a successful career.


Is the Project Management course by MDI Gurgaon relevant for working professionals?

The Project Management course by MDI Gurgaon is designed to facilitate the overall development of young professionals. The course introduces participants to advance concepts of operations management and project management, including deep insights in IT and materials management. The project management course is relevant for working professionals. It is tailored to their needs.

Does the Project Management course by MDI Gurgaon offer distance learning?

Project Management course by MDI Gurgaon offers interactive online classes in Direct-2-Device Mode (D2D) which are equivalent to distance learning.

Is the PMP certification course equivalent to the Project Management certification course by MDI Gurgaon?

The Project Management course by MDI Gurgaon is a certification course. The Participants get a certificate of completion after completing the course from MDI Gurgaon.

Attending live online classes has never been simpler.