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If you are caught up in your career & not in a position to take a break for upgrading your skills, this programme from IIMK is a God sent gift for you! Thank you Hughes Education!

Common FAQs


1. What is Executive Education Programme (EEP) (Onsite Learning Programmes)?

The EE Programmes create opportunities for working professionals to get exposure to different facets of general management or specific functional areas. These programmes give professionals the opportunity for in-depth learning of management concepts and practices through programmes spread over six to twelve calendar months. These are certificate programmes offered through a mix of online and campus based sessions. Executives can attend live classes over the HUGHES platform without leaving their cities and, at the same time, reap the benefits of networking with a larger peer group. The sessions are held in the evenings or over the weekends to ensure minimum overlap with work time.


2. Who will be the Programme Faculty?

All classes are conducted by Premium Institute faculty. Industry experts are sometimes invited for sharing their valuable experience. The pedagogy is highly interactive and incorporates expansive teaching methods and approaches. Depending on the course, lectures are enriched with real life case studies, corporate examples and general discussions.


3. Is these Programme considered equivalent to MBA?

IIM’s and IIT’s are premier autonomous institutions of excellence established by the Government of India. In India MBA is usually granted by universities which administer a course curriculum through affiliated colleges, institution or otherwise and issue a certificate on passing the stipulated examination as per the curriculum.


4. How is the Executive Education Programme (EEP) different from other programmes?

Although both programmes are offered by same Management Schools but the course structure of EEP is customized to the needs of the working executives. The EEP is designed specifically for professionals. EEP classes could be attended through interactive technology enabled class room sessions near to their location at different cities across India.


5. Do we get Alumni Status?

Yes, participants will get an Alumni status of Management school post successful completion.


6. Is there any placement assurance or assistance post the successful completion of the programme?

EEPs cater to working professionals therefore No placement assistance is provided to the participants.


7. What are the benefits of doing these programs?

Please refer “Overview” to know about the USP and benefits of individual programme under programme page.


8. How can I apply for these Programmes?

Each programme has a separate process, to apply you need to refer to the Programme page. For any assistance you can get in touch with us @ +91 7838884925 or +91 7838884952 or HGEIL center of your city.


9. What are the Timelines to apply for the programme?

Each programme has a separate admission cycle. The details are mentioned in the description page (Under “Date & Fees”) of each programme.


10. Participants graduated from Foreign University can apply for EE Programmes?

Participants graduating from foreign universities can also apply. The final selection is at the discretion of the Institute and Programme Directors of the particular programme.


11. I am a US citizen. Do I qualify to apply?

Yes, but the sessions will be delivered in Hughes Centers in India only, it is mandate to be available in India during the programme tenure.


12. What are the admission criteria?

Each programme has a separate admission criteria (refer programme page), however below are the standard norms of all the institute: -

  • Academic background
  • Work experience
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Entrance (in few programmes)
  • Personal Interview (in few programmes)


13. What do you mean by Program conducted in your city? and where are the classes conducted.

The sessions will be delivered at Hughes centers therefore you will get a flexibility to attend the session in your city. The classes are conducted via Satellite Studio at Institute to countrywide located ‘Hughes’ remote classrooms.


14. What are all documents to be sent/upload along with the application form?

The checklist of documents to be upload through Hughes online portal is as follows:

  • Duly filled-in application form
  • Application fee paid through Hughes Online portal
  • Work Experience proof (Self-attested)
  • Self-Attested copies of transcripts of examinations passed / degrees obtained.
  • Statement of Purpose


15. Statement of Purpose: What exactly are you looking for? Am I supposed to mention the purpose of entering into the course?

This should include an objective and clear statement on why do you want to join the programme?; what qualities, experience and achievements do you have to justify your admission?; what type of jobs and at what level do you expect after successful completion of programme?


16. Is there a separate admission process for sponsored candidates? 

No, Regret there is no consideration. All candidates will have to appear for the selection process as mentioned decided by the Institute. Please refer “Overview” tab under programme page to know more about the eligibility criteria.


17. Is there any relaxation of admission criteria for Ph.D. holders?

No, there is no relaxation for Ph.D. holders.


18. What would be the class timing for the session?

Please refer “Overview” tab for the programme to know about the session schedule, however a detailed day-wise schedule will be circulated to the students at the beginning of programme or each Term.


 19. When can I expect to get the final admission offer?

The admission offers will be sent by email to the successful candidates by HGEIL- Academic team or by Institute post the completion of selection process.


20. Would you communicate with me if I am not selected or short-listed for the programme?

We will inform the candidates who are short-listed or selected for the programme. We regret that we will not be able to communicate with candidates, who are either not short-listed or not selected for admission to the programme.


21. What will be the total number of seats available for the Programme?

There is no limit, however the selection procedure will be very stringent and the best candidates will get a chance to enroll for the program.


22. What are all included in the programme fees? Can you please specify how the fee has to be paid?

Please refer “Date & Fees” tab to know about the Fees and important dates.


23. What are the additional expenses to be borne by a participant?

Travelling, boarding & lodging expenses for the campus module shall be borne by the participant.


24. Whether loan facility will be available for funding the course expenditure?

Educational loans for the programmes are available from leading nationalized and commercial banks. Please refer “Loan Partner” tab available at HGEIL website home page.


25. Is there any Scholarship?

As on date, scholarships are not available for these programmes.


26. Will the course provide specialization in a functional discipline like Finance, Marketing, Systems, Operation etc?

Please refer the details available in the brochure and website.


27. How can we coordinate with our peers for group project work?

Institute will try to allocate the project within or nearby city however in some cities student will require to travel to the nearby city for project and group discussion work.


28. How much is the International exposure?

As it stands now, there is no international exchange programme integrated into these programmes.


29. Do I need to send you money for receiving hard copies of brochure and application form?

We regret that hard copies of the Brochure and Application form cannot be sent. The application form is to be filled/downloaded from Hughes website www.hugheseducation.com and upload the same through Hughes online portal and post participants has to pay application amount of Rs. 2,000/- + GST (non-refundable) to complete the application process.


30. Does the program provide the participant with flexibility to take a break for work-related travel/stay outside the city/country or unforeseen emergencies?

 A student can also take a break or temporarily withdraw from the Programme at any point of time by giving an appropriate request to the Institute (but only after getting a written permission from the Institute); in this case, while the fees paid by the student till then shall be adjusted at the time of re-joining, the student can re-join the Programme within the next 2 academic years by paying remaining fees applicable at the time of re-joining. Please note the Break or Re-joining process may vary from Institute to Institute, therefore we request you to please get in touch with the Programme Manager at the time of admission process.


31. What are the requirements related to class attendance?

Attendance criteria may vary from Institute to Institute, however, There is a minimum attendance criterion of 66- 80% for each course. In case a participant misses out any of the class sessions and under exceptional circumstances, participants are allowed to attend the archive session (recorded session) subject to instructor approval, but no attendance will be marked for the same.


32. Is it possible to apply for Ph.D. after successful completion of the Programme?

The eligibility norms for Ph.D. are decided by respective universities and may vary. There may be Universities/Institutions that consider executive Post Graduate Diploma as eligibility to apply for Ph.D.

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