"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cure”, said the yoga maestro B.K.S. Iyengar.

This quote has great takeaways for you if you are struggling and putting every ounce of your energy in striking a balance between professional commitments and personal life. With businesses succumbing to emerging challenges, professionals like you are hardly finding time to take care of their own health whether it is striking a fitness regime or eating on time. So, what can you do to transform the situation?

The answer to this lies in- adopting Yoga as a practise as organically as regularly brushing our teeth or having a bath. Yoga as a practise not only helps build resilience to undertake challenges and transform it into opportunities for growth. One of the best ways of developing such mental stamina is by working towards consciousness of mind and body through yoga. The interesting part is, the yoga masters around the world understand the current situation and therefore, have come up with a series of yoga that you can do before the start of work, in between the work, and after work. These yoga exercises and postures are typically aimed to tackle:

  • Stress on neck, head, spine
  • Relieve tired eyes
  • Stiffness in limbs and arms
  • Boost blood and oxygen circulation in the body
  • Relax tired muscles

Here are some of the best yoga exercises for working professionals

1. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as downward dog, this yoga pose stretches almost all the muscles of the body. You can try this after a tiring day at work. On a yoga mat, get into an inverted V pose. Placing both the palms on the floor, lift your hips and assume an inverted V shape. Inhale and exhale slowly for 30 seconds. This will not only relax your shoulders but will also stretch your spine and limbs.

Image source- https://www.sahasrashope.com.au/adho-mukha-svanasana.html

2. Matsyasana

Also known as Fish Pose, this asana according to the yoga experts, releases all the tension in the neck and shoulders. For this, you have to sit on a yoga mat, place your hands under the buttock and stretch your feet. Then you have to lean backward on your forearms and deep breathe. Doing this instantly calms the muscles.

Image source- https://www.sahasrashope.com.au/Matsyasana.html

3. Uttanasana

Also known as Forward Bend, this asana is very simple. Here all you need to do is bend forward and touch your toes. You will feel a deep stretch in your shoulders, back and neck. This is one of the best therapies after long hours of work.

Image source- https://www.sahasrashope.com.au/Uttanasana.html

4. Balasana

Also known as Child’s Pose, this asana is basically used as a relaxation technique intermittently between different yoga exercises. This relieves pain in ylower back and has a soothing impact on the overall body. This asana be done for 30-40 seconds after attending long training session or a work call.

Image source- https://www.sahasrashope.com.au/Balasana.html

5. Virbhadrasana I

Also known as Warrior One, this yoga posture calls for control and restraint. Here you have to lunge forward on one leg whilst placing the thing in exact parallel to the ground. Your torso should bend forward with both the arms stretched. This asana promotes circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. This also ushers in a sense of energy in the entire body and is just apt before starting your work.

Image source- https://vamospanish.com/discover/your-spanish-english-language-guide-to-popular-yoga-positions/

Regular practise of these yoga poses or asanas develops flexibility and strength in the body thereby, promoting a sense of overall well being.

We owe ourselves and our loved once, mental and physical wellbeing. This world yoga day let us make practising yoga part of our new normal.