After graduation, we generally end up getting stuck in a 9 – 5 jobs with the work being highly monotonous. We then fall in regrets of not opting for further education or taking a wrong career decision. However, these decisions can be made right too. If you wish you get employed in the banking and financial sector in any of the leading banks or the non-banking financial companies at a superior position, then you can opt for advanced qualifications now. This advanced qualification can open your doors for employment at equity research corporates, brokerage houses and other financial domain companies too.

Learning is a process. It does not have an age. You can get qualified as and when you want. So, if you are one of them who's seeking a better career life in the coming time, check out for this executive programme in banking and finance.

Why opt for the advanced qualifications?

The demand in the banking or the financial sector has rapidly increased. The innovation in technology, financial instruments and complex risk factors have turned the industry into a more sophisticated one. The advanced course will help you lead your career in the depth profession of banking and finance. It will help you equip these sophisticated skills to start a smooth journey there. Moreover, it provides you with the capability of fetching attractive compensation packages along with career growth opportunities. The qualification opens up the vistas for two vast domains, that is, banking and finance. If you are already a part of this field, the qualification is a bolster, get a hike, and if not, you get another domain to excel yourself.

One of the top B school in India recognises the best executive programmes for banking and financial sectors. Yes, if you ever had the dream of getting into an IIM, then here’s you can get it now. IIM Calcutta offers the premier certification for the course. Let’s find out more about the programme.

An overview of the program

The program captures numerous sub-domains of banking. It is a perfect choice for people who are at the mid or senior executive level in the corporates. The course gives you exposure to legal aspects, fintech, analytics, statics tools, risk management and various other section of finance. It is also suitable for banking managers or professionals who are a broad overview of the concepts and techniques but look forward to getting more skills with the modern banking environment.

What makes the programme a popular certification course? Firstly, it is the recognised certification from a top B school, IIM Calcutta. The participants can reach to the best faculty and industry experts in the country. The course involves all the modernised content and follows a rigorous programme structure. You will deal with case studies and simulations assuring complete understanding of the concepts. Most importantly, it will help you gain advanced certification and eligible for top job profiles in the industry. You also get the alumni membership of IIMC at a global level. Now, this has its own set of benefits and brand value.

Who is this course for?

Graduates or postgraduates who have gained at least 50% from a recognised university by UGC or AICTE can apply. However, your work experience should be between 3 – 7 years, and you much be currently employed. IIMC shall do further screening and selection for selection.

Final Words

Not disturbing your current career and work life, you end up getting an additional reputed certification. It helps you get going on top positions in the business. On the whole, the programme is a worth pursuing course for anyone who aspires to move forward before he settles down!