Gone is the age where learning just national details was enough. In this digital age, it is important to change the education system to a wider range to an international level. This will allow great exposure for students, which will help them grow wiser. By making education go global, every student gets the opportunity to know more about the happenings around the world and gain more knowledge as "knowledge is power". It is about time that the educational institutions find realise the importance of global learning and change all the education patterns that were previously followed.

This need for global education has given birth to new possibilities like allowing the students to learn anywhere around the globe. The need for global education allowed new international based schools to emerge in big countries and cities. The education given there will be entirely different than those of normal schools. The global education focuses on providing only the best to its students that will totally change the way they think and enable them to focus on their careers. Such students are those who become the ‘employers’ after graduation while the other students from normal schools become their ‘employees’.

According to surveys, The United States of America ranks in the first place that international students opt for and the percentage keeps increasing in a healthy proportion. Recognizing this growth and demand for international schools, many other schools have begun to implement aggressive and unhealthy strategies to attract the students from all around the world. Students need to research clearly and decide properly with the help of those who have good knowledge on this and make the best out of this opportunity.

Reasons why research universities are going global-

There are many reasons why several educational institutions and universities are going global than just focusing on making more money. They focus on the students more and try to provide the best input they can give to the students. The following are the reasons why universities are going global.

Pedagogical and curricular logics:

Going global means the university must have proper means to collaborate with foreign partners who have common aims and rationales. This is highly essential for all degree courses where students come in with the aim to get their perfect career on international basis on a high scale. This is the main reason as to why students choose to study in international institutes. Additionally, students also get the privilege to transfer as exchange programmes are available. This gives them the international experiences well in advance that will make them get used to different situations and setups. There are some colleges that have predetermined goals to increase the number of students in mobility programmes.

Research and expertise logics & data access:

The primary function of the universities is research and discovery of new things where there are no limits or boundaries for carrying out research work. In the process of researching, the professors keep students as their assistants, which will be a great thing for students as they can learn more through this. On completion of these research works, the students get to present their thesis on a global level, which will give them a good experience and great exposure to the outer world. By doing this, the students for sure will gain more knowledge that help in their overall performance.

Network development logics:

Limitations on geographical, cultural, time zone and national boundaries are broken through the network development. Telecommunication and internet revolution has given way to break such barriers and has made collaborations possible. All the efforts taken to establish a strong relation with the universities abroad are mostly based on constructing a global network of partners which helps the university to reach the top level. The universities that have a great network structure are the European universities mostly because of their geographic distribution and because of greater regional integration. Establishing a good network is a key element in organizational and professional life, which is why most of the universities today focus actively on network building.

Competitive logics:

All the universities compete with each other struggling to become the best institution by providing the best facilities that will for sure benefit the students, and for which competitive logics are essential. These logics are required for universities to have a healthy partnership with foreign institutions with who they consider to be in the same level. Only through these networks can they rank as no.1. if they can come into an agreement with institutions that are above their level, it is even more beneficial for the universities to become the best. By entering into an agreement with foreign universities, the fame of both the parties rises as the press releases contribute towards it. In today’s world, it is quite important to maintain a very good image in front of the public to ensure further partnerships with other institutions possible.

Market access:

It is not a surprising fact that the universities in United States and Europe are ranked as the top international institutions as the global economy is effectively connected with countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China are being targeted with high priority. Effective marketing is used as a key tool to enable students from these countries to join and make use of such education which will for sure benefit them in various ways. The thought of focusing on these countries is that, it is expected that these countries play a major role in current affairs and greatly affect the global economy, which will in turn help in the growth of the university.  

The market access in the East Asia is quite easy as the student’s ability to move is effortless because of the country’s geographic distribution and cultural proximity. According to a survey, a large number of students join such universities mostly from countries like Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. Likewise, students from other parts of the world join the universities in the above mentioned Countries. The most active country in recruiting international students from Asia is said to be Australia. They are also active in initiating partnerships and satellite operations.

Infrastructural facilities and development:

From the student’s point of view, the ambience of the classrooms and the university plays a vital role in their education and it reflects in their growth. Only when the infrastructure is warm, cozy and comfortable, the students will feel happy and be encouraged to learn the concepts clearly. This will ensure efficient growth within oneself, which will increase their knowledge and that in return, helps the student to set his perfect career. Providing global education with extraordinary infrastructures will be a great platform and help the students in both physical and mental way.

Increases the student’s social responsibilities:

These universities that give global education help the students to grow as a good human by commencing various clubs and international activities. These clubs and activities are run on a major and international scale, which gives a great exposure to the students. This exposure will be of great help for the students when they become executives of a company. This will also ensure that the students will hold good qualities and be responsible for their acts. Some universities engage their students in activities like social entrepreneurial activities, which will help them to start their own business.

The biggest problem-

Though students get a lot of exposure and learn various other things, there is one problem that affects them and stops a selected few from joining universities that provide global education and that are the ‘fee’. The fee for such global education will be quite expensive, which makes many people think a lot if they really want to join there or not. But from the university’s point of view, it is really hard to cut down the fee costs as it is run on an international level. The fee is high as it is inclusive of various other costs such as Professor’s fee, management cost, dormitory charges, food charges, tuition fees and others. These cannot be reduced to help people to join. But if they are insisted to be reduced, there is no other way but to reduce all the other facilities such as good infrastructure, collaboration with various other global universities etc.

The biggest benefit-

Relating to the fee, the period during the course will be exciting where a lot of things can be learned by meeting people of different cast, color, religion and etc. Here, a person can learn many things including that of different cultures and traditions. With the help of various club activities done on an international level, the exposure that one gets while doing presentations and conferences is enormous, hence, which makes him gain more experience and this helps them in the future when they do presentations representing their own company. Hence, the biggest benefit is that one gets through a global education is great exposure.

Therefore, we can conclude that global education is very useful and many institutions must adapt this type for the betterment of students.