E-commerce design trends have become more important today than ever especially because of the recent acceleration of online shopping subsists. Whether it's targeting a new audience or impressing the old customers, one must continue to communicate and impress with the latest e-commerce design trends. 

Designs that are modern and cutting edge helps the brand to stand out among the noises in social media. We are used to thinking about e-commerce design as pages accommodating busy galleries. We think there is no room for creativity but this isn’t true in 2021. It has all started to change. So what looks unique and cutting edge in 2021?

Let us look at the top web design trends that are influencing e-commerce in 2021

• Multidirectional layouts:

Brands are now experimenting more in creating multi-product galleries with grids. They create grids that not only move up and down but also left and right, diagonal and sometimes forward and backward. This navigation helps the user to move in whichever direction they wish to. The multidirectional grids are often found to be accompanied by flashy animated transitions. Navigation takes center stage:

We have all mostly seen navigational menus somewhere out of our way. They are mostly seen in the header, left/right or in the footer. But in 2021, the new stream of navigation has gained popularity. Now you can see the navigation right at the centre. With all these changes, web designers try to make the website more attractive by adding more animation, branding elements, fonts and images.

• Vaporwave influence:

Without any doubt, the Vaporwave aesthetics are trending in 2021. In graphic design, Varpowave is a hodgepodge of retro pop culture elements from the past and jammed them all together. This provides an extra ordinary look to the site.

• Creative animation for pages transition:

This year, it is the nifty page transition that is having its moment. A creative animation for page transition makes it extremely attractive and engaging for the users. Users enjoy things that are fascinating and engaging and more enjoyment means users are going to spend more time on your website.

• Fun Filter features:

In the e-commerce world, filters are one of the most important functions of an e-commerce website as it allows the users to quickly and easily find the products that they are looking for. Providing users with convenient product search along with little entertainment can do wonders for the site.

• Neutral Colours on background:

Colours can do so much for a perfect visual treat. In 2021, a soothing trend of a neutral colour palette is taking all over the business. We have seen many vibrant and bright colours web designs before this year, but 2021 has become all about sophisticated neutral colours.

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