This program is offered by IIM Calcutta with live online classes held once a week. Hybrid learning has been emerging as the most sought-after form of education in recent times and the virtual, interactive classes fulfill the education criteria that are in demand among working professionals these days.

The candidates who undertake this program will receive their certificates upon successful completion of the course after 12 months. The executive education certification provided is from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

The course aims to prepare professionals with skills that guide them in their business decisions through a better understanding of the complex socio-economic, environmental and ethical challenges faced by a firm. When it comes to business management courses in India for professionals, this one stands out from the rest.

This live online program from IIM Calcutta is ideal for aspiring managers who want to reach their full potential and prepare for new challenges ahead. Out of all the IIM courses for general management, this particular executive general management program is designed to give them both perspective and skills in management and also equip them with critical inputs required to do well in select functional areas.

One can continue to earn while they learn and develop new skills with the help of this course. Interactive live online classes are held once a week by renowned faculty from India and abroad as well.

Topics covered include Finance Analysis and Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, People Management, and much more. One can develop leadership skills with a powerful network of peers and move up the corporate ladder at a fast pace post-completion of this course.

An 8-month certification course with live online classes held once a week, this one by the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta is meant for teachers and educators who want a concrete understanding of how the education sector works.

With a growing realization that education is fundamental to growth and development, there is a pressing need to change the current education setup of the country, and IIM educational leadership courses in India are a step in that direction. The focus is to shape schools as institutes of excellence and to facilitate this transformation by training school leaders with cutting-edge management and leadership skills.

Course content includes the foundations of leadership, education leadership for competitive advantage, leadership dialogue, and much more - which provides candidates just that extra edge to build and nurture world-class institutions.

For all business finance enthusiasts who want to build a career in the field of accounting and finance, this 12-month live online interactive certificate course offered by MDI Gurgaon is a perfect choice.

It is essential for executives in the field of Business Finance to understand and apply the domain’s principles in their current roles, for continued future success and growth in their careers. This accounting and finance course is aimed at helping executives who look forward to growing in the field of corporate finance.

The program will equip professionals with advanced financial tools and techniques which will help them in making informed strategic decisions and build control systems for better financial management. Out of an ocean full of certified finance courses for working professionals, this one holds the maximum potential to deliver the required skills and managerial mindset.

6-month certificate course, this one is an IIT Delhi live online course that aims to provide an understanding of the working of the storage devices from a single cell to pack level, duty cycles led sizing of storage and basics of power electronics required for interfacing devices with drivetrains.

This automobile course has been meticulously designed to enable participants to build the required skill set, capabilities, and knowledge in the e-mobility domain.  The course is for engineers and professionals vying to work in this industry in varying capacities of research, sales, quality control, and production.

Course content includes an overview of electrical vehicles, electrochemical cells, the fundamental concepts of electronics, and much more that will allow candidates to delve into the core details of e-vehicle technology.

12 months Live Online Certificate course by MDI Gurgaon, this operations management course is designed to facilitate the overall development of young professionals by introducing them to advance concepts of operations management and project management, including deep insights in IT and materials management. The program’s objective is to equip professionals with desired operations management skills in the early stages of their careers.

While a lot of certification courses in operations management are promising, this particular one stands out – given its faculty, pedagogy, and structure. Renowned faculty and industry experts will mentor the candidates directly in 100% live online interactive classes.

Course content includes business statistics, operations management, business analytics, and much more. The candidates will have an enriching learning experience throughout this course and will learn management techniques for performing to their level best in their workplace.