The Science and Engineering Graduates in India have to face a lot of competition owing to a large number of candidates enrolling in the Bachelor's course. A lot of Science and Engineering graduates want to enhance their technical skills to fulfill their professional goals. To give their career the right direction, most of them pursue certain courses while working.

These factors have made it necessary for them to pursue job oriented courses so that they can be eligible for a well-paying job.

Here are the top job oriented courses at Hughes Global Education for Science and Engineering Graduates in India:

Post Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence:

On the successful completion of this course, you will receive the alumni status from INSOFE Hyderabad. The course duration is 1 year, and the classes are held on Sundays from 6.45 pm to 9.45 pm. It supports the Interactive Online Learning. The course is comprehensive, and the students are stimulated to study with the help of case studies, projects, and simulations. The team of program directors from the core business area maintain the quality of the course.

Enrollment going on, please click here to Apply >> Artificial Intelligence Certification Course from INSOFE

Post Graduate Certificate for Hadoop Developer:

Learning Hadoop can benefit a Science or Engineering graduate immensely because it is an effective way to manage big data. The system is dynamic and scalable which makes it ideal for use in businesses. It is also very affordable. In case of the loss of a node, the work is redirected to another location. Hadoop is very versatile because the data from multiple sources can be stored and processed on Hadoop.  Having knowledge of Hadoop enhances your career opportunities in the IT industry since most of them work with Big Data. The course encompasses a duration of 1 year and the eligibility for it is graduation in Science or Engineering. The classes are held from 6.45 to 9.45 on Mondays. Upon the completion of the course, the candidate will be granted the alumni status from INSOFE. The institute also provides placement assistance to the candidates who have completed the course.

Get more details about the course >> Hadoop Developer Course from INSOFE

Executive Programme in Advanced Business Analytics:

A course in Business Analytics can make the participants gain knowledge about the statistical and quantitative analysis, predictive modelling and fact-based analysis for making successful business decisions. The course teaches you all the basics of data management, decision trees, logistic regression, segmentation, and other business analytics tools. At the completion of the business analytics course, the candidate will receive jobs in numerous sectors such as marketing, finance, analytics, research, and others. Analytics aids the candidate to quantify the company values and then set the strategies for the advancement of the business. The executive long distance programme in business analytics at Hughes Global Education consists of Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning, Financial Analytics, Human Resource Analytics, and Operations Analytics and other detailed topics. The study materials are included in the course. The applicants are granted the alumni membership of IIMA. The eligibility of the candidate for this course is that he should have graduated from a recognized institute with 50% marks and he should have two years of work experience. The classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6.45 to 9.45 pm every alternate week. Pursuing this course can benefit a Science Graduate immensely.

To get more details about the course visit >> EPABA from IIM Amhedabad

Executive Programme in Business Analytics:

When you complete Business analytics course successfully, you will be granted the status of IIM Calcutta alumni. The special feature of Business analytics course is that it has relevant inputs from Boston University. The core faculty consists of both national and international members. To be eligible for Business analytics course, the applying candidate has to be an Engineering or a Science graduate with 50% marks and he has to possess a work experience of minimum 2 years. Besides fulfilling this criterion, the candidate needs to be proficient in English, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning. He should also know to have some knowledge of the industry. The classes occur on Saturdays from 9 am to 12pm and from 6.45 pm to 9.45 pm on Sundays.

For more details about the course please click here: Business Analytics Course from IIM Calcutta

Benefits of enrolling in a Job oriented course at Hughes Global Education

More career options:

The candidates who have completed a professional course tend to get jobs more quickly as compared to the academic courses, which focus mostly on the theoretical aspects of a subject. You can even begin your own startup after completing these courses.

Practical knowledge and skill development:

The focus of these courses lie mostly on practical knowledge and they give an insight on how the industries work. They are designed to enhance the skills of the candidates so that they can receive jobs in diverse fields.

Entrepreneurial skills:

These courses also develop the entrepreneurial skills of the candidates so that they can even open their own startup. These courses empower the candidates to identify the trends of the industry and then act accordingly. They can easily analyze the data and decide their own business strategies and deal with their clients efficiently. They also learn about the risk management and how to handle them.

Tutoring by experts:

When you enroll in these courses, you are taught by the specific subject experts of the course. This implies that you receive both the expertise and the industry-wide tools so that you can become aware of the industry and its practices.

Latest syllabus:

The course curricula is dynamic and changes along with the change in the industrial practices. This helps the candidate to have the edge over his co-workers and competitors in the professional field.

Acquring Certificate after the successful completion of the course:

The candidates will receive both certificates and the alumni members of the respective business schools after the completion of their courses. This stands as a testimonial to the skills that he has acquired during his classes.

Opportunity to find work in foreign:

When you enroll in a job-oriented programme at Hughes Global, you can also find work in multinational companies or even in the companies that are abroad.

Shorter course duration:

The duration of each course is comparatively shorter than the traditional degree or diploma courses. This aids in the quicker acquisition of a well-paid job.


The course content is specifically designed for the working professional. The schedule is much more flexible with one or two classes per week as compared to the strict schedule of the traditional classroom.


The courses at Hughes Global Education are very cost effective when compared to the traditional courses at the college. Moreover, the candidates enrolling in these courses save the money that would otherwise be spent for the living costs and location transfers.

Less hectic schedule:

Hughes Global Education offers such courses which are well suited to the needs of a working professional. This implies that unlike college, where the student has to attend all the classes and follow a strict schedule for his classes, the courses at Hughes Education follow a flexible schedule which allows the working professionals to learn at their own pace.

Advancing your technological knowledge:

Most engineering colleges in India follow an outdated syllabus. To keep up with the fast advancing technological field, acquiring job-oriented skills and learning the latest industry-wide technology can widen your career options.

Retain your job:

To pursue a full-time diploma or certificate course may require you to leave your job. However, when you enroll in the courses at Hughes Global Education, you do not need to quit your job. You can work and learn simultaneously, instead of sacrificing one thing for the other. If you decide to discontinue your job for some time, you can rejoin it later at a higher position.

Hughes Global Education caters to the needs of the working professionals by offering them skill based Graduate/ Postgraduate diploma/certificate programs for the executives. The programs are mostly provided by the top Business Schools such as  IIM AhmedabadIIM CalcuttaIIFT New DelhiXLRI Jamshedpur INSOFE.

The primary aim of Hughes Global Education is to enhance the career prospects of the working professionals by equipping them with the right skill-set.

At Hughes, the faculty imparts the best knowledge with the help of latest technology to the candidates and prepares them to become more suitable for their career. Hughes Global Education provides placement opportunities to the candidates after the completion of their courses.

The teaching approach of the faculty at Hughes Global Education is very modern and the candidates are taught with the help of lectures, peer to peer studies, discussions, case studies, online lectures, projects, assignments and role play. Self-learning is emphasized.

Started in 2001, Hughes Global Education has spread to 155 classrooms and 75 cities. The Interactive Onsite Learning system followed by Hughes Global Education is one of its kind.

The objective of Hughes Global Education is to revolutionize the traditional form of learning with the help of newer methods of learning. It allows the candidates to interact on a one-on-one basis with the faculty and raise their queries and receive answers to them.

Over the years, Hughes Global Education has been used by several corporate companies to make their employees more efficient.