You’re only as good as your last sale, what does it take for one to become a consistent performer? With the changing business dynamics, modern sales teams must have professionals with diverse talents, skills, and abilities.

Qualities that will make you the head turner of the next sales meeting.

  1. Product knowledge - Know the nut and bolt of the trade

    Every sales professional must do a SWOT analysis of the product, the influencers, customers and competitors. Product knowledge can make or break your sales deal, know about your business ecosystem will give you the edge.

  2. Buyer analysis - Buyer persona on your fingertips

    An efficient salesman must master the skill of assessing customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. On successful assessment, you can analyze the sales and marketing approach to be taken towards conversion.

  3. Optimism is key

    Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can't do something themselves, they want to tell you, you can't do it. You want something, go get it. Period! Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happiness.

    If this isn’t your DNA, develop it!. The sales and marketing journey will not be a bed of roses so this skill will help you rise above the disappointments and enable consistent performance, essential to the role. Focus on opportunities and solutions. On what can be done as opposed to what cannot be accomplished.

  4. Decision making

    To do or not to do! While one desires to be successful as a sales and marketing professional, decision making is a key skill to help to liquefy the process of difficult sales. Being a domain expert having facts & figures, knowing industry trends and customer insights will act an enabler.

    90% of the selling is conviction and 10% persuasion- Shiv Khera.

  5. Communication skill

    Creating necessity and urgency for purchase is an art that a sales professional can achieve by grooming their communication skill for better storytelling, presentation, and personal interaction. Be inquisitive ask questions to know what the real need or desire is in the buyer viz what they intend to buy.

    Two was communication is key to a successful sales pitch. Apart from speaking know when to stop talking and listen. Active listing is crucial, in order to not miss crucial information that can help to identify an individual’s needs.

  6. Time management

    Time is money! Make the most of it.

    Learn the art of switching between projects, networking, meetings, educating self to excel in your role. Break things down into smaller steps and develop a plan of action. This soft skill along with software automation, analytics and other technologies will deliver significant results.

    Sales enablement technology- CRMs, document management software, and workplace productivity apps, will help make sales experience effective and profitable.

  7. Be a learner experience

    Change is the only constant; as a sales professional, you must adapt to emerging technological advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data science, and, other fields to get in line with the growing needs of the organizations and be looked upon as a growth enabler.

    One need not be a sales prodigy but, must stay educated with the latest digital tools and trends in the ecosystem.

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