Education is one of the most powerful tools for transforming people and humanity at large. Therefore, professionals associated with the education vertical have a pivotal role to play in  creating an ecosystem of learning that will stand the test of time. Education aims to foster capable leaders who can successfully collaborate, innovate and respond productively to unforeseen challenges. Right from the teacher to principal, administrator to subject matter expert- each person has a distinctive critical role to play in transforming the current schools and colleges into 'institutes of excellence'.To be able to accomplish this, professionals working in the education domain today must operate as transformational educational leaders in his or her capacity. The qualities of a millennial educational leader are quite revolutionary and evolving keeping up with the rapidly changing educational landscape. The major thrust of transformational leadership in education is towards enabling students to cultivate a global view of business and all possible human endeavors.

Here are some of the fascinating traits that an educational leader must possess in todays day and age- 

• A grand vision for the students and a ready action plan to consistently support and empower the students to achieve them.

• Affirmative and positive approach towards both success and failure to create a foundation for life-long learning.

• Expertise in assessing skill sets in students and implementing tools to track progress periodically.

• Capability to bringing the parents, teachers, education policy makers, SMEs, and administrators to co-partner for the achievement of pupil's educational goals.

• A great sense of inclusivity for understanding and accepting the unique challenges of students.

• A keen interest in developing and empowering the staff and the administrators through various training programs.

• Superior communication capabilities for empowering each stakeholder with a sense of mission.

• A sense of mission when it comes to self-evaluation and acquiring new skills.

One of the best ways of getting trained for leading the school education sector from the forefront is to explore the transformative leadership program, EdLeap, offered by IIM Calcutta in partnership with Hughes Education. This program has been tailored to empower school principals, senior teachers, and administrators by helping them developmanagement and leadership capabilities. This program also aims to help new-age education professionals develop the above-mentioned skills but also acquire a thorough grasp of best practices in business leadership. The program curriculum has been designed in a manner to prepare the educational leaders to integrate agility in day-to-day operations and consistently maintain a high-performance environment.

One very important aspect of leadership that is globally recognized is this innate capability to impact change in one's attitude and approach towards mitigating challenges. This unique program offers a great opportunity to delve deep into the aspect of behavioral science and its impact on decision-making. Additionally, the program lays great emphasis on critical aspects of entrepreneurship and the role of technology in education. The key aim of this program is to foster new-age trailblazers of school education who can assimilate change and generate tremendous value out of it.