Dreaming big in life. Something we all thrive to do.

With the expanded resources in time, it is straightforward for individuals to build their dreams, to shape their goals. Despite this, why do most of us fail?

It is simple. No matter how many quotes on luck and fate come on your Twitter timeline, your goals are achieved by just two things- patience and perseverance.

Perseverance is the drive to work hard and make things happen for yourself, while patience is the ability to hold yourself on to wait for these things to occur.

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Let us take a look at the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. It took 22 years of sheer patience and perseverance to get it built with a bolster of the workforce. The results? One of the most enchanting and confounding structures in the whole world.

 When we talk about success, everyone has their own idea. Whatever your idea of success, there are hundreds of books on it and thousands of ideologies. With a populace of over seven billion humans globally, the chances of someone doing it better than you are also pretty high. In this survival of the fittest, what can distinguish you from the rest of the crowd? It is your story of downright determination, persistence, and endurance.

Harvard University, one of the top universities globally, has an acceptance rate of less than 4%. Thousands of incredible mindsets from all over the world, with exceptional academic backgrounds, apply to try their chances at this school. What decides how does the admissions committee admit only the best amongst all these academically superior mindsets? The simple answer to that is organic patience and perseverance. The most impactful, who stays patient throughout the process wins!

Looking beyond the corporate side, let us take a look at how simple things in life lead to success when you have patience and perseverance. Your favorite homemade biryani, which takes over 4 hours to make, is a perfect example. After extraordinary hard work and a simple cooking wait, you have yourself the most amazing and delicious plate of biryani to devour at the end of the day. We would say, that’s quite the success story!

In this era of hustle, people often work hard, but forget to work smart. The issue is they regularly go against one another in light of the fact that contradiction is extremely common nowadays. In any case, showing restraint won't ever change.

Patience and perseverance are ideal; indeed, however, there is a thin line of distinction between persistence and dithering, between letting it all out and enduring it. Persistence is the patience that says making your best work will take some time, and living with that, while not griping about it and wailing over your circumstance, will heed to the result it gives you.

If you're not patient and don't give yourself the competency to the work, succeeding would be a long and hard shot. It is easy to get stuck in the loophole without that diligent trudging forward. Regardless of the expense, it takes, if you're; accomplishing the fundamental work to be consistent and have the calm composure for the results, you are already arriving halfway at your goals and dreams.

When you are in that position, it is also important to remember that when somebody questions why you're not where they figure you ought to be, you can securely overlook them, because when you are self-aware of what you're making happen, nothing else truly has any meaning.

After all, life is like a bicycle. To keep moving and win the race, both the tires of patience and perseverance must be in balance.