There are many ways to do it right but what matters is the validity of the method. Search engine optimization is a significant aspect of the digital marketing ecosystem as it aims to build the visibility of a brand and its product on the web. The innumerable words that have already been written to document best practices and case studies in Search Engine Optimization point to one pivotal aspect- “getting into the shoes of the customer and how he or she would search and shop”.So, let's learn the Myntra way!

Myntra, Showstopping the Digital in 2020

In 2020, Myntra, the household Lifestyle and fashion brand of India, clinched the top spot in the Indian Digital Marketing Awards for its aggressive SEO and PPC campaigns. Myntra has always been very popular when it came to women and men's apparel, but it had, over the years, run short of the same preference when it came to the kid’s section. Myntra had very clear objectives and it was competing against the likes of FirstCry, Flipkart, and Amazon.

The company had clear and measurable goals towards:

  •  Skyrocketing the organic traffic 
  • Improving the keyword ranking
  • Increasing the revenue from the kid’s category
  • Establishing itself as the market leader in the kid's category

The Multidimensional SEO Strategy

Myntra’s and its digital marketing partner, Infidigit, collaborated to create this 6-dimensional SEO strategy focussing on the parameters such as:

Crawl budget optimization through log file analysis -This whole activity is targeted to identify and eliminate redundant and irrelevant crawler URLs. This helped the company to channelize its crawl budget to relevant URLs thereby, leading to a phenomenal jump to 63 lakh indexed pages from just 28 lakh indexed pages.

Click-Through rate improvement through Breadcrumbs, Videos, and FAQs- The digital marketing team improved the overall CTR for highlighted keywords by leveraging the FAQs to respond to customer queries. Breadcrumbs were increasingly used for seamless navigation for both human users and bots alike. The video schema was employed to persuade the end-user to spend more time on the landing page.

Influencer marketing for improved user- The digital marketing team partnered with multiple digital influencers lead to improve the user interaction and involvement with the brand.

Page speed optimization- Technical changes were implemented to boost the page speed by 104.44%. The bounce rates automatically shot down, thereby, improving the time spent on each page.

Dynamic price table and content curation- The digital marketing team focussed on identifying content gaps and the creation of quality content related to Kids products. The team also focussed on generating a dynamic price table listing unique products thus leading to preference in Search Engine Result Pages.

Contextual links for page ranking- The SEO activities focussed on creating landing pages based on the highest search engine results. Generating relevant metadata to footer linking, each activity was thoroughly planned towards improving the page ranking.

This multi-dimensional hexagonal Search Engine strategy enabled Myntra to clock in 270% growth in revenue. Furthermore, as was desired, the kid's category witnessed a staggering 201% increase in organic traffic on the website. Apart from the organic users, the website witnessed significant traction in new users by almost 188.33%.

This approach encompassed working on parameters of SEO marketing from the consumer’s point of view. The Myntra story is one of the many example of how SEO as a digital marketing strategy, backed by powerful data analytics, can be a match-winner in itself.

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