In our present-day conditions, where numerous industries, businesses organizations, and companies are emerging, the preference of people in opting jobs, as well as studying, is changing accordingly.

Everything You Should Know About ePGP Courses

Over time, different streams have come up, out of which one of the most preferred one is management.

Studying management will give a person a proper idea as well as experience on how an organization works and provide knowledge on how to manage everything associated in order to get fruitful results from the company.

Getting a good job in this field will not be possible if you have a degree and no work experience or fair idea about how everything works in any business organization. You need both a good grade as well as intensive work experience in your work field.

Studying BBA will give you enough knowledge and experience but it is always better to opt for something more. By studying an ePGP course, you get the same experience that you can get by studying an MBA course. But, this is much more convenient and it also gives a promising outcome.

Institutions like Hughes Education have come up with such courses where reputed business schools like IIM-C IIM-A etc. are teaching students online. This is a very convenient way as well as a smart approach to enhance your skills in management.

What is an ePGP course?

You must be wondering, why should you opt for an ePGP when you can go for PGP or MBA after graduating from a business school?

An ePGP course from a reputed institution will cover more or less every matter that is there in a PGP or MBA course. In addition, since the ePGP course is a short-term course you get to learn about the aspects of business in such a short time that you could do by taking a PGP or MBA course for a longer time.

An ePGP is an electronic mode or interactive onset learning postgraduate diploma programme.

What is the importance of ePGP course in business management studies?

Management jobs are based on practical implementations. A degree and good grades will not take you far in this field. Work experience is what you need and good leadership qualities to take care of all the integral parts of the business organization that you are a part of, or even if you are running your own firm.

A graduate will be able to do these works if he/she has been trained extensively, but if you opt for an ePGP course, you will learn even more. An ePGP course will not demand your time like an MBA degree will do, but even though it has a shorter duration, every aspect of MBA has somewhat been covered in it. You can pursue this course even if you are doing a job or handling your own business by applying for it through a reputed institution like Hughes Education.

Courses like this will be conducted by business schools that will also involve interactive classes.

What are the benefits of opting for an ePGP course?

Streams like business management always bring better results in the career of a student if he has extensive work experience and knowledge. Shallow knowledge and leadership qualities will never lead anyone to grab a place in those multinational business organizations or open their own business and run it successfully.

  1. ePGP courses are meant for junior, middle or senior level working professionals and entrepreneurs who want to know more about business handling and strategies to enhance the condition of their own organizations.
  1. If you are someone from any one of these categories, ePGP is probably the most convenient course for you. People, who are already into some sort of job in this field or are running their own business, generally cannot manage time to attend classes for MBA by going to an institution. ePGP courses do not demand your precious time. From this course, you can learn more or less everything that you needed from an MBA just within a short span of time.
  1. This course will help you to gain a better idea about staff handling because they are the pillars of any organization. Through an ePGP course, you can understand the strategies required to conduct a better staff management.
  1. By taking an ePGP course, you will learn to understand the fundamentals of running a business in a better way. Every business job has different sorts of issues that you can only take care of if you have good knowledge and work experience, with which this course will provide you.
  1. By taking an ePGP course, you can go through more case studies and discussions in classes, which will again enhance your skills in business and management, making you a better business leader in the future.


Why is a management degree a necessity in today’s corporate set up?

Getting a management degree is the least you can do to acquire better knowledge in your field. A management degree will provide you with a better knowledge of the business condition and market condition of the present-day world. You can learn about all the strategies, techniques, disciplines and planning involved in maintaining a good organization.

You get to know about handling procedures of clients, how to communicate with them, and the main thing you learn is to maintain good leadership qualities.

A bachelor’s degree or post-grad degree will help you to grab the best possible jobs in the corporate world.

By opting for good courses like the ePGP course from Hughes Global Education and any other institution, you not only acquire a degree but also get enough knowledge and work experience from that as well. Work experience is the key to success in the business industry.

Now that you have known everything about the course, you must be thinking from where should acquire this degree.

Objectives of the ePost graduate Programme by Hughes Education (IIM-A):

Hughes Global Education is a premier institute in interactive onsite learning through satellite-based education. It has live, interactive, real-time, two-way video, voice and data classes, and is spread across 155 classrooms in 75 cities.

Hughes Global Education provides extensive classes to a huge number of students through online classes, where they can sit at home, and learn and interact with their teachers. This saves a lot of time and money. People who are from different kinds of job backgrounds who do not have much time can join Hughes Global Education, and opt for the courses and learn everything by just sitting at home.

Hughes Education provides the best curriculum in ePGP course, which is certified by IIM Ahmedabad.

Course overview:

This is an interactive onsite learning of two years diploma in post-graduate programme course. The main objective of the course is to provide better skills and knowledge on business to juniors, middle and senior level working professionals, or new entrepreneurs who are planning to upgrade their business.

During the first year, the course focuses on giving the student:

  • Management decision-making abilities
  • Leadership qualities
  • Ideas on the functional areas of management
  • Understanding economic conditions
  • Varied analytical tools and techniques
  • General management orientation

Beneficial aspects of the course:

  • An extensive learning programme conducted by a top business school
  • Award of Post Graduate Diploma by IIM Ahmedabad
  • Learning through interactions with experienced professionals who are part of a peer group
  • Classroom modules conducted in the IIMA campus at different time-slots
  • Membership of IIMA Alumni association upon completion of the programme
  • The programme specifically designed for junior, mid, and senior level working professionals and entrepreneurs with all the benefits of Interactive Onsite and interactive distance Learning.

The admission process consists of:

Selection of candidates through written test followed by an interview

Eligibility criteria:

  • Business management professionals or any working professional as well as entrepreneurs with 3 years of full-time work experience.
  • Candidate’s age should be 24 or above.
  • Admission procedure will be conducted from IIM Ahmedabad.
  • Holding at least a Bachelor's Degree/CA/ICWA, with at least 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA, awarded by any of the recognized Universities.

Admission criteria: 

  • Valid CAT score which was taken within the last 3 years or a valid GMAT score that was taken within the last 6 years will be considered for shortlisting.
  • Candidates have to take the IIM-A admission test.
  • Chosen candidates will be called for personal interviews at the IIMA campus or in other cities as decided by the institution.

The class schedule for the course:

  • Thursday: 06.45 pm – 09.55 pm
  • Friday: 06.45 pm – 09.55 pm
  • Saturday: 06.45 pm – 09.55 pm
  • Sunday: 12.10 pm – 03.20 pm

The marketing scenarios are changing over time. You cannot expect to grab a good job unless you have more knowledge than just possessing a bachelor’s degree.

Practical implementation is what is going to make you stand out in this field.  So what are you waiting for? Shape your future and take your career to the top level by getting an ePGP degree.

Call Hughes Global Education for that now!