In comparison to other developing countries, India possesses significant socio-economic advantages which are essential to compete in the global economy. A thriving entrepreneurial culture, youthful workforce, supporting government programs and initiatives, and a growing institutional engagement is sufficient to transform India’s talent into a robust, internationally competitive economy.

However, there are several challenges when it comes to the availability of skilled employees. New technologies, ever-changing skills requirements, and outdated education curricula to address these challenges, India’s education leaders must provide the upcoming generation with requisite skills and the ability to adopt new technologies through applied learning.

In recent times, there is a rising appetite for up-skilling among young professionals in India through online learning. According to the findings of LinkedIn’s third Workforce Confidence Index that covered 2,323 respondents, every 3 in 5 Indian professionals, which counts for 63%, will increase their time spent on e-learning.

A composite score of +50 reflects on India’s cautious optimism towards future opportunities and challenges in the real world. In addition, the survey indicates that 60% of Indian professionals aim to gain more industry knowledge, 57% of them want to learn the necessary skills to advance in their careers, and 45% want to possess better communication abilities with the help of online learning.

The desire to spend more time on live online learning could be a response to remote working opportunities, the demand for upskilling, a shrinking talent market, and the need to stay mindful and prepared during ever-changing, challenging times. Apart from this, there is an urgent need to attain the perfect balance between jobs and personal lives. This has left the Indian professionals yearning to effectively perform their job responsibilities along with household chores and duties. As a result, 43% of them aim to learn better task organization through prioritizing and time management.

"A diverse set of skills can take you a long way in this uncertain climate. Therefore, upskilling has emerged as the need of the hour and it is encouraging to see Indian professionals leverage online learning to navigate the challenges," said Ruchee Anand, Director, LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions, India.

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