We all know that the rate at which technology is evolving is super-fast, and it is cutting across geographies. And given this, the companies, small or big, all are moving towards digital solutions increasingly day-by-day, and they are rapidly taking a massive leap towards expanding their digital presence. 

With companies becoming more digitally conscious, social media marketing is changing each day and is now in demand in every sector. 

From data specialists to SEO analysts to digital strategists, digital marketing sector is booming with opportunities. In India, too, we can see how digital solutions has penetrated our social fabric rapidly and therefore, India is witnessing a significant increase in digital marketing professionals. 

Digital marketing consists of the following aspects:

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • E-commerce Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • CRM 
  • Display Advertising 

The scope and progression are rapidly growing in digital marketing, as every business is concentrating on productive strategies. 

Digital marketing not only advances your skill sets but also makes you much more lucrative for any business development roles as it is an amalgamation of hard skills and soft skills. The skills range from creativity to innovation, collaboration, and power of influence. 

These skills make all the difference as it prepares you as a professional who can take any challenge head-on. Digital marketing encompasses more skills and roles that are versatile and thus, help the professional to grow tenfold in their work. 

Secured job profiles, high salaries, comprehensive and fast-paced growth is something digital marketing professionals witness with the rapidly evolving work culture. 

To be a successful digital marketer, you need to be well-equipped with the latest technologies and social media uprising. A robust wide-reaching digital media presence is also one of the factors that make a digital marketer successful and influential. 

Another factor that lies in digital marketing’s successful culmination is attracting the right kind of audience and traffic. Delivering what your product promises to offer is one of the essential aspects of making your brand to connect with the audience and building their trust factor. 

To be a successful digital marketing professional, a strong factor that lies in it is understanding data and processing it. Marketing teams often struggle to interpret data and to use it properly to measure campaigns accurately. In digital marketing, data can be gauged quickly with analytics. 

So, whether you are into social media, digital marketing executive or specialist or a planner and strategist, understanding data & leveraging is crucial. Especially in terms of how the outcome will pan out to build beneficial proposals, which eventually makes all the difference. 

As the entire nation is now going digital, the vertical of digital marketing is on high demand. So, if you want to adapt to the developing trend professionally & quickly, then an executive programme for digital marketing is something you should consider. 

One also needs to know that Digital marketing is a continuously evolving industry. As a professional in this field, your problem-solving skills will not only benefit your career but also strengthen your aptitude and your client-bound challenges and opportunities. 

With e-commerce growing exponentially along with online sales, it gets easier for a digital marketer at this moment to enter this field and get into the work of product promotion.  

The main focus for these professionals remain on making dormant websites active and increase traffic, i.e. brand awareness & reach. Along with these, a digital marketer is also responsible for generating compelling and creative stories. Hence, a digital professional is going to be essential in the coming days in the marketing world.

Several other vital benefits come with digital marketing. One of them is generating better revenues.

Higher conversion rates generated by the marketing campaigns and methods deliver valuable benefits, and the business gets better in terms of higher revenues.

Digital marketing is not just a trend; it is going to be the most significant future asset. The marketing industry is soon realizing this and taking concrete steps to ensure their digital footprints are strong and strategized. 

In a dynamic work environment, allowing yourself to get into a career prospect also comes handy with a robust programme which IIM Calcutta offers. 

With live online interactive sessions and peer group learnings, Hughes provides a realistic approach to your professional journey. This programme is designed for increasing your expertise in digital marketing and hone your general management soft skills. 

The programme aims at sharpening your skills in planning, implementing and measuring the digital marketing trends and analytics and ultimately drive sales.