Customer is and always has been the kingpin. Every simple day-to-day operation in businesses is geared towards offering superior customer experience. In the last 10 years, marketing has subtly transitioned its focus from just creating a need for a product to becoming a long term partner with the customer by creating a product experience based roadmap. Customers or consumers no longer can be just fed with ideas rather they are the ones on the driving seat, creating the requirement for new products and services.

With the entire world running on the digital medium, you as a marketer must be proficient in harnessing digital marketing tools to connect with your target audience both at local, national and also at international level.

Upcoming Trends in Digital Marketing that You Need To Ride-on

Digital Marketing is not just about social media management.

Digital marketing encompasses a huge landscape of tools and technologies that helps in understanding consumer behaviour and enables you to become a preferred product or service partner either in his business or in personal life.

The entire world of digital medium has been quite a rolling stone, undergoing path-breaking changes in operating principles and adopting analytics as its foundation stone. So the 21st century can be called as the Century of the Digital Marketing, driven by the critical trends mentioned below such as:

  • Creating an unparalleled customer experience that spans from enabling a customer to make a buying decision to listening and responding to their concerns.
  • Applying strategic marketing transformation to re-wire business strategy by including a healthy mix of digital marketing tools.
  • Mastering and seamless implementation of AI and Big Data along with marketing techniques for brand building and creating rich customer experiences.
  • Leveraging Account-based Marketing techniques for improved personalization.
  • Focussing on both online-offline marketing mix to have a sizeable presence in the market.

Why EPDSMMS by IIM Calcutta Can Boost Your Growth as Professional

Executive Programme on Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy by IIM Calcutta holds the key to unlocking your professional growth and marketing prowess.

The course curriculum spanning across three modules cover critical issues such as understanding the strategic need for digital and social media marketing, execution plans for digital and social media marketing and assessing the impact of digital marketing and social media marketing in details. These modules covered over a course of six months include everything that makes up the digital marketing landscape.

This learning is further reinforced through simulations that replicate the implementation of tools and analytics in the real world scenario. Furthermore, you will need to do a project under the guidance of the IIM Calcutta faculty. This course is holistic in approach to help you understand the different nuance of digital marketing and successfully bring about a meaningful and ROI generating convergence.

From the career perspective, this course will enable you to gain a considerable edge over your marketing contemporaries in terms of exposure to tools and technologies. Guided by industry veterans the insight you will gain will be priceless and will help you cruise through challenging situations seamlessly.

To top it all, a certificate course on Digital Marketing from IIM Calcutta puts you in a spot where you will be highly visible as a valuable asset to any company. The project that you will complete by the end of the course can be used as a testimony to the working knowledge of marketing tools. So by enrolling in this professionally crafted course on digital marketing by IIM Calcutta, you open yourself to un-ending possibilities in terms of career and a lifelong peer network.