Launching Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Strategy Batch 5 in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Conferred with the University status in 2002, IIFT has functioned as a pioneering institute fostering professionals in foreign trade management and as a niche foreign trade advisory to government bodies. 

Course Outlines and Objectives 

Executive Post Graduate Diploma International Business Strategy (EPGDIBS) aims at introducing business strategy models along with best practices in International Trade. Designed for middle and senior-level managers, the course curriculum aims to cover key areas such as: 

  • Global Strategic Management
  • Economics of Pricing Strategies
  • International Business Laws 
  • Macro-Economic Policies 
  • International Business Negotiation 
  • Corporate Forex Management Strategies 
  • Innovation and Technology Management 

The course content is further supported with case studies, discussions and live examples from the corporate world. The course aims to deliver an in-depth understanding of international business ecosystem covering all possible functional and operational aspects of the same. 

Why Should A Professional Opt For the Course? 

It has been proved time and again that there are no more boundaries when it comes to trade and human networking. The geographical boundaries are increasingly shrinking with happenings in one country impacting the entire world. Therefore, it has become crucial for professionals to be able to seamlessly operate across multiple geographies with a clear understanding of various business models and markets. This understanding of the interconnectedness of the world can prove to be a great boon to a firm in furthering its business and for individuals to grow exponentially in their profession. Moreover, an Executive Post Graduate Diploma International Business Strategy (EPGDIBS) course enables a professional to grow in terms of marketing, accounting, communication, purchasing and decision making. 

Change is only constant and going with that adage, the international business ecosystem is constantly in a re-set mode. Hence, a course like EPGDIBS equips a professional to put the finger on changing dynamics, understand and transform processes accordingly to get the desired result. The course structure crafted by top-notch business evangelists puts the professionals on the driver's seat thereby, offering them with required tools to navigate through challenges.