By definition, mindfulness means the mental alertness that helps you to manage certain difficult situations. To be mindful, one has to pay his/her complete attention to the matter in hand. In today’s world, this quality has become even more germane in business and other professions because of the number of distractions as well as the amount of multitasking people have to engage themselves nowadays. If you possess this particular quality, you will be able to sort out your prior requirements in both professional and personal life by simply focusing on the things that really matter. 

The key responsibilities of a leader include guiding the other team members towards the achievable goal and to participate in that journey individually as well. So, it is quite evident that in order to be successful in leading a team, the leader must be mindful of every possible scenario that can come in their way. Mindfulness also helps to keep track of the individual conditions of other members in the team to figure out the areas they can improve to make a better contribution.

In fact, being mindful helps with other aspects of life as well which are not directly related to leading a corporate team. For example, mindfulness helps you to mitigate stress to a significant extent. It also helps a person to increase their concentration and clarity while making an important decision.

In this article, a few ways to acquire mindfulness and its irrefutable advantages will be discussed.

The Art of Practising Mindfulness:

Like every other abilities, one can master mindfulness by regular practice. To add this quality in your repertoire for achieving greater success in the future, you can follow the tips discussed below

Practise a breathing exercise: 

Doing a breathing exercise on a regular basis can be immensely helpful in acquiring mindfulness because through proper breathing you can successfully detoxify your body and decrease stress. The appropriate way to perform a breathing exercise is to sit straight and to put your entire focus on the inhaling and exhaling activity. This exercise actually works as a type of mediation and can help to increase the concentrating ability of an individual.

Perform a brief body scan:

After doing the breathing exercise, you can run a brief body scan (usually last for three minutes) to be aware of the current condition of your different body parts. As you practise deep breathing, it increases the focusing ability of your mind and helps you to get through this powerful process of self-care. Being physically fit will help you greatly to improve your mental health and thus would increase your mindfulness.

Spend time in nature:

If you take a walk alone in the middle of a natural landscape, you will be able to grasp every sound, movement, and scene with all of your sense organs. As you give your full concentration to enjoy the subtle difference in the sound or the movement of different living objects, your mindfulness will develop involuntarily.

Try not to rush every time:

Nowadays, people have a tendency to start every activity in the very last minute and consequently, to finish the job within the deadline they have to hurry unnecessarily. This tendency to rush every time reduces the ability to concentrate on a single matter and thus makes people unmindful. Therefore, it is better to start your job beforehand so that you don’t have to rush to meet the deadline and you can keep your mindfulness unaffected.

Use digital aids:

There are some ingenious apps available on the internet such as the Insight Timer, Online Meditation Timer, Online Mindfulness Bell, qwikALERT, ProdMe, etc that act as an aide-memoire for you to take a break of one minute from your work and to do a breathing exercise for calming and soothing your nerves. You can use the help of these digital apps to acquire mindfulness as well. 

Competitive Advantages of being Mindful as a Leader:

Being mindful as a leader comes with many competitive advantages such as –

Better communication with other team members:

Mindfulness helps a lot while communicating with your team members. A mindful leader will be able to convey the right message to others to make the most of their skills and thus the workers performing under the supervision of such a leader exhibit better productivity and precision. Also, with a better communicating ability, the leader can connect with the team members on a personal level.

Avoiding hasty mistakes:

Being mindful can help you to prevent rushing and making fatal mistakes that can ruin an entire project. It takes you one step closer towards perfection. Besides avoiding your own mistakes, as a leader you can readily spot the minuscule mistakes made by your team members and prevent them from committing the same mistakes any further. Reducing the number mistakes will significantly improve the quality of the work done by your team.

Devising better plans and executing them:

Many organisations across the globe prioritise mindfulness because it increases a person’s ability to think clearly. A clear mind facilitates better decision making and planning of more effective strategies that can bring lucrative outcomes in the future. Also, mindfulness helps to execute these plans infallibly.

Managing employees and team members:

Mindfulness helps you to remember the individual details and personality traits of every employee working for you. As a result, you will be able to connect with them personally and show your empathy to them whenever required. The ability to show your empathy to your employees helps to build a sense of mutual collaboration and camaraderie within the team that eventually leads to better performance and increased productivity.

Renowned Organisations Encouraging Mindfulness:

A significant number of companies spread across the world encourage the practice of acquiring mindfulness to provide better results in the future. Such companies include –


They offer a unique training programme named “Search Inside yourself” for their employees to master mindfulness through proper meditating techniques.

General Mills:

They offer a special “Mindful Leadership Program” for their employees. 


This company also started a mindfulness training program of their own a few years ago.

To sum up, it can most certainly be said that the ability to be mindful of the situation has become indispensable to attain success in the modern world of business.

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