While social media is flooding with high achievers from top B-schools of India and many reputed international names, you may often find yourself asking the question - “But, how?”  

We know the feeling!  

Often looking at their career and LinkedIn profiles, a significant quota of student feels left out unable to fulfil a dream opportunity. But with executive education programmes and many different courses, one comes a step closer!  

However, there’s always a doubt in the mind that whether executive education in India is beneficial or not.   

It mostly depends on the institution you choose.  

After all, executive education is a substantial investment and selecting the right business school and mentor, guides you to reap the real returns.  

So, if you are a high-performing professional looking to fill those skill gaps?  

Or if you own an organization, and are looking to build a bridge between the departments to improve overall efficiency and performance of the organization?  

Or if you’re an enthusiast piled under the list of ideas, but struggling for actionable directions to become the next leader or entrepreneur 

Well, then Hughes Global Education is the place for you to power up your career & lead the organization better!  

Over the years, there has been enormous growth in strategic opportunities, new technological trends and best practices around the globe. This requires today’s executives to be skilled and trained to exploit the opportunities successfully.   

That is precisely what Hughes Global Education offers with its certificate courses in India. We invest in making you future leaders.   

We have tied up with the best in management programmes, to bring you a splendid and informative experience through the esteemed faculty of IIM Calcutta.  

We understand what it takes to broaden your professional perspective to gain literacy about current technological trends, digital applications and platforms.   

Hughes Global Education brings you an experienced and notable faculty, ensuring that you will always get a local and global perspective on management, business and leadership through its certificate courses.  

You see, our executive programme focus on different objectives as per your need and wants. Hughes Global Education team has gone to lengths curating the right fit for you to progress in your career ladder.   

We at Hughes Global Education understand that executives today are evolving at a fast rate to meet the evolving marketplace and leave their mark in this maniacal rat race.  

But we believe that we must make you first unlearn and then relearn the concepts of leadership and management by adapting to the world’s newfound challenges.   

We at Hughes Global Education equip the executives to deal with a strategic and competitive attitude with confidence!  

So, when you choose to go with Hughes Global Education, we promise you with a commitment and learning to balance - between job responsibilities, personal commitments, and our executive education programme deadlines as the first step.   

We develop an attitude in you first, and then proceed ahead with building up your aptitude.   

An example of this is set by the General Management course that we offer to our prospects. Our course allows executives to drive their career ahead with the help of top-notch IIM Calcutta faculty, who very well understand how to ripen the raw talent and untap best potential.

Our platform seamlessly integrates the strengths of traditional methods of education of classroom teaching with the latest technology. Our real-time Interactive Onsite Learning (IOL) Platform, helps you in streamlining the choice of executive education course you want to pursue. 

With the mentorship and guidance from Hughes Global Education, you are sure to excel in creating a strong professional network, apart from the soft skills and technical skills.  

We at Hughes also enable corporations to help empower holistic development of their professionals by providing a personal development path aligning well with the organizational goals, strategy and execution. 

Our certificate course, executive programme in Banking & Finance is truly a game-changer for those aspiring executives, who are bent on learning the science behind “moolah-making and savings”. You can count on a knowledge that will secure you with the know-how of evolving financial technology field that has taken the world by a storm. 

At Hughes Global Education, we know how to churn success, and meticulously create, curate and cultivate an expert from an amateur. We set your future due course by truly living up to our motto - “Powering your Career” - and you can depend on us to help you climb the success ladder steadily. 

So, what are you waiting for?
Explore our courses and choose Hughes Certificate Course to stand apart from the crowd!