India is growing at a decent pace and the Indian job market has opened up new opportunities. Youngsters are increasingly taking up off beat careers and doing well at that. The explosion of Digital India has also opened up many new career prospects. Information technology remains the highest employer followed by Telecom, Healthcare, Finance, Infrastructure and Retail.

In this scenario, there are some careers which are more lucrative than others. Everybody doesn’t start with a high paying job and it’s not easy to get one. One needs to plan, train, study and improve at every step of the way to get there. It is also imperative that you are backed by a certification from a top institute to give that shine in your CV.

Let’s look at the some of the highest paid careers right now in India which aspiring millionaires should look to pursue.

Management Professionals

They are the backbone of any organisation. Management professionals are there in all industries with various specialisations. MBA from a top institute and lot of hard work at the entry level can shape your profile to be a top notch management professional. Wise decisions and change of industry sometimes becomes important stimulant. If you are not alumni from a top B-school it is advisable that you enrol for an Executive MBA program from one. After 4 - 6 years of work experience it is time for you to take the leap and is a critical phase to bring about a change and add a catalyst to further improve the prospects to overcome stagnation and competition. Almost all the top B-Schools like IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Calcutta, XLRI, IIM Rohtak, IIM Kozhikode offer these courses. I remember about a friend of mine who is a Graduate and worked hard as a marketing professional through various companies. Somehow, all his hard work and decent performance did not help him breakthrough to the middle management level. Then he pursued a course from IIM Calcutta and got a great opportunity in a top Telecom company as a Sr. Manager.

Corporate & Investment bankers

This is another high profile job that requires specific skills and in depth knowledge. They are highly paid with huge performance linked bonus. The flip side is that it is a risky career and wrong decision or a major change in market scenario can create a unstable situation. Professionals with MBA in Finance, Chartered Accountants are ideally suited for this job.

Oil & Natural Gas Sector

This is the most profitable sector in Engineering and Manufacturing. All the companies make decent profits and the industry is growing at a decent level. Geologists and engineers with various specialisation are required in this sector. IT professionals are also in great demand for R & D with inclusion of technology in the sector.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts are an integral part of any big company today. Due to fierce competition and ever changing business scenario, analytics is being used more and more in processes for continuous improvement. Business Analytics is a specialised stream and can be learnt along with a regular MBA/PGDM. It is also better to take up Business Analytics program after a few years of work experience.

Aviation Industry professionals

The aviation industry is going through a boom and is on a high growth trajectory. Indian civil aviation is all set to be the 3rd largest in the world by 2020 and aims to be the biggest within another decade. Commercial Pilots, Ground Engineers, maintenance Engineers, Hospitality staff, In-flight crew there is a whole lot of employment opportunities in Aviation sector. The most lucrative and highly paid are the pilots and there is a major need of pilots in India. In fact there is a shortfall of pilots in India. So, if sky is the limit for you why not fly high.


Marketing and Brand management is a fascinating career. Top notch Marketing/Brand professionals has given shape to many brands over time. A specialisation in Marketing is a prerequisite for this career. Many sales professionals shift to marketing for a more holistic career growth. Invariably taking up an executive program in marketing from IIMs, helps a lot. A good marketing professional has the potential to become the CEO of the company with hard work, creative brilliance and strategic thinking.

IT Professionals

The sunshine sector in India has seen a phenomenal growth is the last couple of decades. Wages for Software engineers had gone through the roof in the 2000s and has seen some semblance of sanity since then. The best performer in generating jobs year on year is plagued with a unique problem...dearth of quality resources. So, individuals need to take proper training and keep themselves up to the mark on new technologies as this is a very dynamic industry. IT professionals are well paid and some may go on to become CTO with huge packages. They can also move on to becoming CEOs of Software companies by acquiring knowledge on Business management.

So, if you are not born with a silver spoon and have to work hard to be rich you know which career to choose. Finally, the key to success in career is dependent on an individual’s hard work, training and self brilliance.