‘Health is Wealth’ is an age old saying and a fairly recent attitude shift so let’s say ‘Cheers’ to good health!

Let us live healthy and eat healthy for if you don’t….be sure to locate a good doctor…. and if the good doctor fails to heal…. Well ! Time and tide waits for no man…..

Today employees in the corporate world suffer stress related illnesses …. Diabetes, chronic heart diseases, cancer, strokes and ulcers. Taxing nine-to-five jobs, business travel, long hours in front of a computer screen, uneven sleeping patterns and diet issues sum up the lives of most corporate employees.

The climb up the ladder to the high table comes at a price…. No one is spared. Breaking the glass ceiling takes its toll … separations, divorces, fractured families, heart breaks take their toll on mental and physical health.

The competitive corporate environment compels even midsized companies to set high targets for their employees and the pressure is immense leading to stress-related health issues such as sleeping disorders, obesity, diabetes and migraines and also other problems such as backaches, neck pain, frozen shoulders, early glaucoma etc.

Thousands of years ago, we mostly lived until we either starved, were accidentally poisoned or we were eaten by another animal. Now, we have the distinct ability to slowly kill ourselves over a period of years with chemical laced foods, too much alcohol and prolonged reaction to stressful events. All are avoidable, if we make the choice to do so.

It has become a vital necessity to follow a proper diet along with exercise and meditation to relieve anxiety for both physical and mental stability and for this we need to follow certain simple rules ….

  • Eat some portions of salads, raw vegetables and fruits every day and avoid oily rich foods and junk food.
  • Drink lots of water through the day.
  • Go for daily walks and exercise regularly.
  • Take regular breaks and move around rather than sitting all the time at work.
  • Improve sitting posture in office.
  • Close your eyes and relax for a couple of minutes every hour. Take time off during the work-day to meditate ….this will relax you and clear your mind.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and sodas and endless cups of coffee …. Drink green tea instead.
  • Do deep breathing exercise during breaks. It improves blood circulation.
  • Spend time with your family … No amount of success will compensate alienation from your loved ones.

Prolonged, sustained and excessive stress and your similar response to it, not only causes deterioration of your brain, but it also compromises your immune system and your ability to fight off diseases.

To quote Robert Milstein “Many many years ago I read a book by Hans Selye called ‘Stress stress’ and it was about experiments to show that stress and feeling like a victim caused disease.”

He says …. Studies of cultures of apes and how much stress members of a society had, and the relationship to stress and disease, show there is an exact correlation between stress and not having control of what is going on in our life causes disease and when we are in control, make us happy and healthy.

Besides diet plans and exercise routines there are many other dimensions to wellness. The focus is changing from that of a career driven, workaholic society to a more well rounded and balanced healthy community.

It is important to note that this refocus on health doesn’t revolve simply around fitness and nutrition, but also the entire spectrum of emotional, environmental, occupational and social health. By improving each of these facets it is possible to significantly improve the overall quality of our lives.

Being comfortable in your own skin is a huge aspect of emotional wellbeing. As with anything in life, there is a delicate balance to maintain and when it comes to your emotional health, nothing is more important than learning to understand ourselves.

Environmental health occurs when we are able to recognize that we are each responsible for how we treat our environment. As we learn to eat a more natural diet of locally grown, preservatives-free food, this protection of a pesticide and chemical-free environment enhances our lives and the air we breathe.

Let us now take a look at foods which should be avoided to maintain a healthy body

  • Foods like coke and soda are very unhealthy and lead to serious heart diseases.
  • Second are burgers, pizzas, fries and chips. They are high in fats and do no not have any nutrients so your body stores unnecessary fats which cause diabetes and obesity.
  • Also poison for our bodies are Processed and Instant foods which contain preservatives.

Finding a job that provides occupational health as well as wealth expressed in monetary rewards, is still just as personal as any other facet of wellness. It revolves around the fact that you must be personally fulfilled in your career while feeling as though you’re creating a positive impact within the company. A job should be more than a job. It should challenge your mind, and create new experiences and possibilities.

Creating meaningful relationships with friends, family and colleagues and nurturing new relationships is all a part of social wellness.

Making informed choices will help you reach your fitness and wellness goals and live a stress-free happy fulfilled life for many years to come!