We frequently come across people who have an urge to study more in their life. These people are mostly working professionals who are busy in their work and have no time to attend a class or college. We have also heard stories from older people who have faced many hardships during their school or college days to attend a particular course or a subject. Education in those days was not easy like we have it today. The syllabus is obviously of a higher level as compared to those days, but there are many ways to pursue it.

For example, in the olden days, courses such as post-graduation was available only in selected few colleges. At that time, remote areas and villages did not have colleges even for higher secondary education. The only way available for them was to travel all the way long to the city where the college was situated, attend all the lectures and travel back again to their own village. Only the rich ones could afford to take admission in college hostels. All the others had to repeat the same process. They had no other option at that time.

Today, there are many facilities available for a student. Coaching classes or tuitions are common for them from an early age. There are plenty of colleges and schools available in a city or at nearby villages. Even the facilities of hostels are available within the college, along with private options. A student in India can take coaching from foreign institutes by sitting at home. The ways to acquire education have increased a lot.

How did this happen?

Well, the simple answer for this would be technological advancement. However, along with it, the Institutes that have actively taken part in such development have contributed a lot to this advancement. People are also becoming aware of such developments and they opt for courses online. One such institute offering courses online is the ‘Hughes Global Education’. It has live, interactive, real-time, two-way video, voice and data classes that are spread across various classrooms and cities. Anyone can easily go to the online website and obtain more details about it.

The new generation might find it very easy, and the working professionals might find it difficult because they will have to manage both work and education simultaneously. This technological advancement has fulfilled the dreams of many people who wish to get further educated but are restricted by their work. 

Here is a brief summary for working professionals to find the right institute for online courses:

  • Firstly, one needs to decide on the course that he wants to pursue. Detailed information is not required but a brief summary such as writing courses, banking courses, or Business management courses etc. so that he can get a direction for further proceedings.
  • Then, he has to search for the institutes that offer the courses in which the person is interested. There are many institutes available that offer such courses, but the one that offers qualitative services must be chosen. We can check the institute’s reviews to know more about its functioning.
  • Shortlist a few institutes after getting their details. Then compare the prices of the courses amongst the institutes and other related things such as duration of the courses, material offered etc.
  • Check for the details of the course. There are various levels of the course such as for beginners, intermediate level, professional level etc. An institute may offer only a course for beginners and the other one might offer the same course at an intermediate level, covering the entire syllabus for the beginners at a lower cost.
  • Then select the institute that is most suitable for you as per your budget, time constraints and quality of education.

Other things that need to be checked are:

  • Whether the institute is accredited and nationally recognized. This ensures a qualitative content and a standardized study program.
  • The purpose for which we are joining the course is fulfilled. For example, if it is a basic photography course then all the basics, right from the parts of the camera to different types of photography should be covered.
  • There are facilities available for doubt solving. Whether interactions with the faculties is possible via email, social media or any other medium. This will make the learning experience more interesting and comfortable. Interaction with the faculty is a necessity for any of the online courses offered.
  • Whether the course is asynchronous or not. An asynchronous course is one where the student can view the lectures as per his comfort without any specific time limitations.
  • Compatibility of the software on devices such as mobiles and tablets. If the course is compatible with all the media then it will be preferred more, as mobiles and tablets are easily portable.

Some of the different types of courses offered at the Hughes global education are as follows:

  • Customer Service management courses:

Customers are the most important part of any business. There are specialized people to handle the customer relations. If one gains a hold on this subject he can generate more customers for the business and also improve the existing relations. The person having certification in this course will have a command over communication skills that are essential for any business.

  • Senior Management Courses:

It is a course designed to enhance business perspective skills, which are needed to manage any organization. A senior manager is a person who takes many important decisions that affect the business. His work involves the application of business and analytical skills. This course offers great opportunities for professionals who want promotion in their current position.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Courses:

This program is designed for gaining knowledge in activities such as production, planning, sales. It is a type of knowledge update course where the managers are taught new and advanced methods of managing the supply chain. The supply chain is more of teamwork; hence, the person managing this team has to be well trained with the new skills about team management.

  • Finance and Economic Courses:

Finance and Economics are the subjects that are used in variations in all the industries. Finance and Economic Courses give an insight into these subjects. They also have a scope in foreign countries. A person graduated in commerce can opt for this course and gain some additional knowledge in this field.

  • Human Resource Management Courses:

Human Resource managers need to be multifunctional. He needs to be aware of all the tactics of managing humans. He needs to be a leader as well as a functional expert. It is one of the most difficult jobs in management. Human Resource managers are needed in all the industries where labour is appointed; hence, it has innumerable scopes in all the fields.

The benefits of an online course are as follows:

Fulfilment of your passion

  • You have a choice to choose a course as per your need.
  • Professionals working in any field can pursue their passion enrolling in a course of their choice.
  • Their current jobs will not get affected.
  • After completing the course, they will gain more knowledge about a field that is different from their current field. For example, a doctor may have a passion for photography but due to his busy schedule, he cannot go for regular classes. He can then easily enrol in an online photography course and learn the basics and even the advanced photography techniques. His passion would be fulfilled without having any effect on his career.

Cost Saving:

  • Compared to all the full-time courses, online courses are cost effective and even time-saving.
  • You can choose a course according to your limitations of time and budget.
  • The courses are designed in such a way that they would be suitable for working professionals.
  • For the ones going for an advanced or costly course, there is a loan facility available. Once the student satisfies all the terms and conditions, he/she can avail a loan and complete the course.

Saves your time:

  • You can opt for any course from anywhere in the world.
  • Travelling time and cost, both are saved.
  • All lectures and materials will get delivered to your homes or made available online.
  • Except for the live class, there are no time limitations. You can view your lecture anywhere at any time that will be most suitable for you.

 It will add an advantage to your resume:

  • If you opt for a course that is related to your field, it will add an advantage to your resume.
  • It will increase the chances of your promotion.
  • For any future employment, it will show your interest towards learning, which will create an impression on the employee.
  • Even if you pursue a different course about which you are passionate, you can earn from it by starting your own business.