"Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other" are the words of an extraordinary leader, John F. Kennedy. This is an indispensable truth about forging ahead in personal and professional life as a leader. Covid-19 has turned around the tables and completely deconstructed the conventional norms of ensuring daily business operations. This has brought to the forefront, skill gaps like never before and therefore necessitated the need for taking up professionally tailored management programs to build on critical leadership traits.The modern management courses in likes of Executive Programme by IIM Calcutta are tailored to enable new-age managers to make well-informed decisions in critical times, adapt quickly to market demands and swiftly re-vamp the business model. This value creation is the reason why there has been a growing importance of management courses in the last 6 months.

Currently, managers have a great and overwhelming array of challenges to mitigate to ensure business continuity. These challenges revolve around the following such as:

  • Re-organizing teams
  • Adhering to safety protocols
  • Creating back-up plans for critical roles
  • Generating scope for flexible work timings
  • Ensuring teams globally have realized the importance of management courses that are being offered digitally to close the skill gaps and empower the new age leaders with a sense of preparedness like never before.

The executive management courses offered currently by deemed institutions across the globe aim to help individuals:

1. Activate the pause-assess-anticipate –act process for calmer response to challenging situations

The pandemic has challenged every operation under the sun and therefore with each passage day, there is a need for leaders to be in the top of their game-collecting vital information. This would help them evaluate their strategy against the changing market dynamics and act accordingly. This approach will enable a much intuitive, smart and calculative approach to the unforeseen occurrences during challenging times.

2. Develop a compassionate approach when it comes to people management

Compassion is the hallmark of a genuine leader. During a global crisis like a pandemic, getting impacted is an inevitable factor. Therefore, it is through compassionate behaviour that executive leadership will continue to inspire loyalty amongst the team members. Compassion is realising that every individual comes with a different set of challenges and strength, therefore each needs to be encouraged and supported differently. One size never fits all.

3. Cultivate an environment of transparent communication across the multiple functional teams

Communication is the key. Clear and transparent communication at all points is very critical when it comes to understanding the challenges faced by the organization and the key action areas that need collaboration and focus. Exigency owing to natural calamities and pandemics calls for effective crisis communication time and again thereby to instil a sense of ownership in each employee of the organization.

4. Establish an ecosystem of collaboration and close-knit networking

An organization's success in any situation banks on collaboration and networking between cross-functional teams. With situations like remote working completely changing the dynamics of work, the leaders have to work out a plan wherein each employee top-down has a role in crisis mitigation. This collaboration stems from a sense of awareness that not all teams and employees come with the same strengths and skillsets. A leader needs to create an environment where feedback can be shared without the anxiety of any negative repercussion.

5. Put policies in place to create cash backup for tougher and leaner days

Finance is the decisive aspect in challenging times when it comes to remaining afloat in trying market conditions. An insightful leader will cautiously assess operational expenses, eliminate wastage from the system and cut corners where ever necessary. This cash back-up can end up being the most critical way out for having resources on board for even with the market acting up.

The management courses aim to empower the new age managers and leaders with all potent tools and a keen understanding of the attitude of a true leader. Through case studies and interactions with industry leaders, they will bring the best practices on the forefront for effective learning.