The world is extremely competitive not just in terms of knowledge but also the value one can deliver in a given scenario. With the business ecosystems constantly undergoing disruptions and contract based employment overtaking the secure jobs, it has become critical to unlearn old ways of functioning and assimilate and implement the new once. So when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Hence, it is essentail to consider constant additions to the learning graph with the programmes tailored by the deemed management institutions for their scientifically tailored curriculum.

A survey conducted by Automation software company UiPath of workers across the world revealed that in the U.S. alone, 53% of workers tend to believe their current skills will become obsolete in less than five years.

A well-structured programme like the once offered by IIM Calcutta will not only help in being relevant and updated with the latest business trends but also offers you an environment to deep dive into the latest tools and technologies, management strategies, and develop rich network and connections across the globe. Whether it’s a programme for individuals or a corporate executive training programme, an executive program can offer you many benefits, especially when making an effort to stand out from the crowd.

According to the findings of LinkedIn’s third Workforce Confidence Index, every 3 in 5 Indian professionals, which counts for 63%, will increase their time spent on e-learning.

Here are some of the key ways in which an Executive Education enables you to emerge as the most capable leader in the face of tough competition.

1. Bridging the gaps

Learning certain skills on a job does not suffice the requirment of todays jobs roles, for the constant advancement in the career, one must opt for highly esteemed educational programmes which offer the much required developmental path. These executive programmes take you through the latest digital tools with proven efficacy to bolster the performance of the organization as a whole. Also, deep down, these programs are tailored in a manner that organically helps you bridge the skill gaps.

2. Bring forth new perspectives

Executive programmes help with a fresh and different perspective of the environment. It helps the participants to stay on the top of their KRAs and move to the next level satisfying the need to constantly be abreast of emerging business dynamics, knowledge of competitor success metrics, and data analytics. The executive programs offered by deemed institutions expose you to newer ways of analyzing data backed by success stories.

3. Networking

The executive programmes offer a much-required platform to collaborate and network with talented peers from across the industry. These networks deliver a lot of value in terms of business-critical insights and rich avenues for business collaboration. The executive courses have certain eligibility criteria to keep the group of learners on the same ground leading to better understanding and collaborations among the participants.

4. Test the waters of a full-time degree

Executive education programmes enable on the job learning and the oppturtunity to learn from IIM Calcutta faculty that teach the two year post graudation programme. Not only does it add value to the resume but provided a platform with benefits like live online classes, campus visits, and executive alumni status of the esteemed institution.

The executive education programs by IIM calcutta are tailored to bring about a fundamental shift in your attitude towards looking at problems, fostering capable leaders, and creating an environment of growth and learning for everyone in the organization.