As a working professional in any reputed organization, individuals are likely to have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders and may occasionally face some challenges while executing their duties as a part of the organization. As an individual who is actively involved as a part of the organization, the need for specific skills becomes even more important.

In order to acquire the skills needed for better performance and a successful career, one can take certain executive courses that will increase the skill set and enhance the knowledge base. Here, we will discuss a few essential courses that will help one to make considerable progress in their career and establish them as a professional who is suave, smart, experienced, and reliable.

The Youth Leaders Programme (YLP) by Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon:

A programme tailor-made for executives/working professionals by the renowned faculty and industry experts of MDI with 100% live online classes, is a certificate course of 12 months’ time duration. Peer group learning and networking opportunities make the complete course an interactive one.

The takeaway from the course:

      The Youth Leaders Programme (YLP) consists of the following modules: Organizational Behavior, Economics of Business, Information Management, Operations Management, People Management, Financial Management, Business Communication, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, and Introduction to Business Analytics.

  This course marks the beginning of one’s leadership journey and paves one path to acquiring successful leadership positions.

      One attains a greater understanding of the industry one is working in.

      One develops better communication skills and emotional quotient (EQ), which makes one perform better at one’s job.

      One becomes future-ready to face tough situations at one’s workplace with ease and efficiency.

Advance Programme in Operations And Project Management by Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

This 12-month certificate course is for executives or working professionals who look forward to learn more about operations and project management. The faculty, pedagogy, and structure provided by this course truly make it stand out among the crowd and deliver promising results.

 The takeaway from the course:

     The course consists of the following modules: Introduction to Business Statistics, Operations Management, Optimization Techniques for Managing Operations, Business Analytics, Procurement and Materials Management, Advanced Operations Management, Quality Management, Six Sigma, and Lean Management, Supply Chain Design and Management and Project Management.

    The course is designed to facilitate the overall development of professionals by introducing them to advanced concepts of operations management and project management, including deep insights into IT and materials management.

      The programme’s objective is to equip professionals with desired operations management skills in the early stages of their careers.

Advance Management Programme In Business Finance (AMPBF) by Management Development Institute  (MDI), Gurgaon

A 12-month certificate course in Accounting and Finance aims at executives in the field of business finance, who are willing to understand and apply the domain’s principles in their current roles for continued future success and growth in their careers. Out of an ocean full of certified finance courses for working professionals, this one holds the maximum potential to deliver the required skills and managerial mindset. Here is why:

    Key modules of the course include the following: Accounting and Control System, Financial Environment of Business, Financial Risk Management, and Strategic Finance which are further subdivided into detailed topics.

  One develops a key leadership outlook with a greater understanding of business finance post completion of the course.

   The course enhances one's subject-matter skills and provides one with a career enhancement in the field of finance. 

Advance Programme in Supply Chain Management by Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

This is the perfect course for Logistics and Supply Chain Managers who want in-depth, practical knowledge in their field of work, which has transformed into an increasingly demanding sector with a lot of competition. The IIM Calcutta Supply Chain Management Programme will help one to upskill oneself in order to have an edge over one’s counterparts in the field and assume greater responsibilities with ease.

 The takeaway from the course:

    The Advance Programme in Supply Chain Management consists of the following modules Introducing Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Strategy, Demand Planning and Forecasting, Inventory Management, Logistics, and Global Supply Chain Management, Modeling and Analytics Tools, Designing and Managing Channel Partners - Distribution, Procurement, and Sourcing Management and several other specialized areas in Supply Chain Management.

      One gets practical-hands on experience in Direct-to-Device (D2D) Mode.

   One is able to earn while they learn and increase their employability post the completion of the course.

      The course will help one comprehend and leverage the business environment as well as equip one with the skills to assume greater responsibilities cross-functionally. 

Executive Programme in Leadership and Management by Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

This 12-month certificate course aims to make leaders who can seamlessly lead through changes, drive performance, and foster a people-first culture of engagement and responsibility.

The takeaway from the course:

    Course content includes the following: Appreciating the macro contents of doing businesses, Thinking Strategically: Economics of Strategic Moves, Leading the Organization in Stability and Turbulence, Managing Financial Relationships and Expectations, Designing Organizations for Sustenance and Innovation, Strategic Choices in the Networked Era: The Economics of Platforms and a Workshop on Communication for Leaders in Second Campus Visit.

      The course will help one develop an understanding of the economics underlying strategic choices.

      One will acquire skills and tools of strategic communication and leadership sensibilities.

      One will be provided tools to articulate and manage risks, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities.

     One will be able to navigate through socio-political, technological, and ecological disruptions within organizations.

Executive Programme in Human Resource Management by Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

This is a 12-month certificate course in HR meant for working professionals. The focus of IIM certificate courses in HR is to share best practices of creating successful organizations by building a strategic workforce that is aligned with the company's goals.

The takeaway from the course:

    Starting from the basic concepts of Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Human Resource Management, this course allows one to delve deep into topics that are much-needed for a successful career in Human Resources.

   The course prepares one for leadership roles and lets one function as an asset to their organization.

      One is able to acquire learning of human resource management policies and practices, develop an understanding of customer-first service culture, and develop personality dimensions at both micro and macro level of the organization.