21st-century leadership is all about disruption in old patterns of operation, new learnings, and transformations. The Millennial leadership entails eliminating of unspoken biases when it comes to people management as well as creating an ecosystem of communication and collaboration. The pandemic has truly helped industry leaders grasp the essence of business continuity and success. The business leaders themselves have acknowledged the need for change in existing business models and adopting a people-centric- approach to the daily operations within the organization.

The millennial leadership manifesto outlines some critical KRAs for emerging leaders and they are:

• Lead the organization strategically during unprecedented times and successfully navigate through challenging situations.

• Build organizational resilience by inducing collaborations and nurturing people.

• Combine newer competencies with traditional and proven learnings.

• Operate within the new economical framework in the networked age.

The millennial leadership goals focus on transforming the whole leadership DNA from within. Organizations currently are pushed harder to dweldeep and discover approaches that help foster dynamic business leaders. One effective way to do it in a corporate set up is by really engaging potential leaders in diverse assignments. The second most proven way is to encourage them to enroll in academic courses such as the Executive Programme in Leadership & Management (EPLM) offered by IIM Calcutta in collaboration with Hughes Education. This course has been specifically tailored to train new age leaders in newer competencies required in challenging ambiguity.

The course content meticulously focuses on five critical aspects of leading an organization and these are:

  • Thinking Strategically: Economics of strategic moves
  • Leading the organisation in stability and turbulence
  • Managing financial relationships and expectations
  • Designing Organisations for sustenance and innovation
  • Strategic choices in the Networked Era: The economics of platforms

Moreover, the evolving organizational leadership calls for a complete transformation of the leadership DNA. There is no place for redundancy as the market and the consumer is constantly evolving. In line with the need of the hour, the Executive Programme in Leadership & Management (EPLM) aims to establish a transformative platform for emerging leaders through an interactive pedagogy and its uniquely designed strategic communication workshop. The competitive advantage that one derives by enrolling in this course is unparalleled. A leader not only gets the opportunity to interact with world-class faculty but also gets this phenomenal opportunity to network across the industry verticals.