In today’s context of rapid change in the business context, executive management education in general management is very useful for corporate executives to stay relevant.

B-schools in India are no longer just the launch pads for corporate careers but have emerged as good pit-stops for course corrections for mid-career executives.

Also, mid-career programs have the benefit of excellent networking with industry peers to learn vicariously from their experiences - without having to work in those industry verticals and companies.

The executive programmes in India only help you open up your thought process, following a multi-dimension approach towards problem-solving, apart from other skills.

With this, you not only create EPGM specific skillset but also understand organizations and industry better. Learning one by one about the various functions in an organization, executive education has really been a great learning metric for setting high career aspirations.

As you complete the executive general management program (EPGM) from IIM Calcutta with the help and assistance of Hughes Global Education, you are assured to succeed ahead.

If you are expecting that it will have the same impact as the PGP programme, then you will be disappointed. There will be no big consultancy or investment banking firm chasing you to provide a job, instead, we offer you with building confidence and caliber to chase your dream job.

Hughes Global Education empowers you to join the general management executive programme through IIM Calcutta because their faculty assures you to climb on the ladder of career growth within your organization and later expand your expertise.

While everyone is vouching for the IIM tag, we at Hughes Global Education ensure that our association with IIM courses will help you to elevate beyond your current designation, especially if you are working as an entry-level professional.

While many may debate on the career breakthroughs with you joining the EPGM, but you will still find everyone taking the chance and rather advising boost your career with the help of executive education in India. Thus, Hughes Global Education in India enables you with the closest opportunity to enroll in with the top B-schools and associate your learning curve with names like IIM Calcutta.

The faculty of IIM Calcutta plays a huge role as well in advancing your career. With enrolling in the certificate course of general management programme, you get dedicated hours of classroom study but with the comfort of keeping your job in alignment.

Enrolling in the executive programme in general management from IIM C understands as to how you can apply its knowledge best in day-to-day work-life. Hughes Global Education thereby fills this gap and helps you reach the potential through its courses.

After all, our Executive Programme in General Management (EPGM) comes with 7 interesting modules to help you gauge the ABCs of management in any organization.

  • Our Finance Module gives an overview of financial accounting taking you through different mechanisms for preparation of financial statements using illustrations and case studies explaining the use in managerial decision making.
  • Our Economics Module elaborates on the topics that are crucial in understanding a firm’s objectives of profit maximization under different market scenarios and in the making of the nation’s economy.
  • Our Marketing Module in the executive programme in general management also imparts you with the essentials of marketing management & their application in the dynamic industry today.
  • Our Operations Management Module aims to introduce the modeling and optimization of problems that are commonly encountered in organizational operations, for process analysis, improvement, and decision making under uncertain conditions and scenarios.
  • Our Behavioral Science Module helps you in developing a conceptual understanding and practical skills in the basics of OB. This also means deep-diving to understand interpersonal relation-building, transactions, and communication-related models and applied skills.
  • Our Strategic Management Module enunciates the industry learnings for diverse topics starting right from industry analysis to product diversification, strategic mergers & acquisitions, and strategic alliances.
  • Lastly, our Ethics & Communication Module covers different sessions on ethics and two broad communication topics pertaining to communication strategy and how to communicate for resolving conflicts and crises.

Our certificate courses are designed in a manner to emulate, a business stimulation the game which is interesting and fun. With a lot of things to learn, you are bound to be limited by the time you can spend on learning stuff by balancing work and family.

Here, you will not even know and easily clear the general management executive programme, cementing different management concepts, thereby gaining a leadership approach.

Fascinating case studies make it a world-class institute harboring the executive education platform in India. The best thing you get out of the general management programme is the access to world-class faculty and a curious mindset to look at many problems with a different view.

Our certificate courses are engineered in a manner that you as a student will in this duration of one year, develop a “problem-solution” approach.

All you need is just the right direction with some inspiration to set yourself apart. That’s exactly what Hughes Global Education helps to gain a perspective on with its executive education platform that it offers you.

Don’t join any executive program for resume value or placement benefits, instead, derive its best value if you are ready to reflect upon your context and are open to change. And we guarantee that our IIM Calcutta general management is one of the best!