The marketing landscape has undergone a paradigm shift with digital marketing technologies constantly emerging and evolving. No longer can a business thrive in the market with traditional marketing strategies for lead generation and their subsequent conversion into successful sales stories. This is because currently all marketing strategies and actions converge to have a distinct long-lasting relationship with the customer. 

The factors that have significantly contributed to the proliferation of digital marketing technology in the last 10 years are:

  • Improved internet-connected and accessibility to smartphones
  • Increased preference for a digital presence to boost the reach through social media
  • Complete transformation of the relationship between the industry and its consumer

These top three factors have necessitated the need to constantly experiment with evolving digital marketing strategies. Hence, marketers have this constant challenge of remaining at the top of their game and developing a constant conversation with its customers.  Hence they have to deep dive and understand what works best towards positive positioning of the brand in the hearts and minds of the audience and going forward, building an ever-growing web of conversations and interactions around it. 

Some of the key digital marketing trends that they have to master in 2020 are:

1. Conversational marketing-

Conversational marketing is all about building conversations. Applications such as Chatbots and Live chat apps generate real-time conversations with the target audience and this has the power to generate leads and establish brand loyalty going forward. It is important to understand that through a simple conversation, one gets to understand the thought process and thereby, take the case forward.

2. Interactive content marketing-

Interactive content marketing is all about restructuring the content in multiple ways and presenting them in an interesting manner. Surveys, interactive e-books, quizzes, webinars, and videos are some of the powerful tools to engage the audience and compel them to interface with a brand’s content. A great deal of analysis and understanding of tools go into interactive content marketing.

In 2020, 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy.

3. Social media marketing –

With social media channels almost shaping views and ideas to a great extent, marketers must understand how these channels can be leveraged to make the company’s presence felt. The key is to understand that each social media channel comes with its unique purpose and target audience group.  The challenge of the marketer lies in positioning a single product in multiple ways through them.

India top market for TikTok downloads in 2019 (if we exclude Chinese Android downloads), with 323 million

Source –

4. Predictive marketing-

Data is power and currently, a great emphasis is being laid upon structuring the whole mass of data and deriving significant data points out of. In order to make sense out of the sporadic conversations and interactions, marketers have no exception but to be proficient in analytics tools available online.

Source - Salesforce

5. Voice Search based search –

With Alexa and Cortana, the voice-based search devices are gradually making their way into people’s lives. These devices are now used to place orders online and therefore, a lot of marketing activities have to be gradually targeted towards voice-based marketing.

It is important to understand that each of these tools does not work in silos and therefore, there is a greater need for the marketers to understand how each tool can complement the other.  Marketing is a game of convergence- bringing the goal, the strategy, the medium, the result, and the feedback together.

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