Swiggy, the food delivery start-up, has been the lifeline of food lovers who want to enjoy delicious food from their favorite restaurants  in the comfort of their home. Post its inception in 2014, Swiggy has come a long way in becoming a household verb- So, Let’s Swiggy!  Every festival every special occasion became an opportunity to order food with ample discounts and cash backs.  From one campaign to the other, Swiggy won the hearts of millions of people in India. One of the most popular campaigns that were a hard-hitting –narrative on human dignity was popularly known as #WhatsInAName. The whole narrative was woven to bring to the forefront, the nameless delivery people who are the backbone of Swiggy.  The new normal was to address the delivery partners by their name and not by just "Swiggy Delivery". A very sensitive video was created that set Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook on rage.  It generated an enormous momentum skyrocketing Swiggy's sales and customer involvement level.

So, it is evident that start-ups and entrepreneurs can leverage digital and social media marketing to transform their businesses by striking a chord with their customers. 

The current world ravaged by pandemic demands a different approach to business and here is how digital marketing can work for business owners. 

During the first and early second quarter of 2020, when pandemic ravaged established businesses, it was digital marketing that came to rescue. The social media channels and analytical tools enabled businesses to revamp their business model pushing towards procurement and delivery of essentials.

Here how Digital Marketing enables Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs to:

  1. Connect with their customers as a tool for communicating on prevalent times by generating variety of content- It is not just important to know how a digital marketing tool works, but it is even more important to understand how to creatively leverage its potential during trying circumstances. Therefore, through various digital marketing tools and channels, entrepreneurs and small business owners can create content that resonates with the emotions and the thought process of its target audience. 
  2. Understand changing consumer behaviour through SEO- The Search Engine Optimization platform is a convergence of a multitude of analytical tools powered by artificial intelligence. These tools give real-time data of business-critical search footprints.
  3. Interact with the customers regularly through social media- Nourishing the bonds with customers even when sales are dipping during the trying times can prove to be heavily rewarding. Businesses can continue to foster bonds of friendship and reap customer loyalty greatly in times to come. Businesses that stop communicating are the ones that are destined to dissolve.
  4. Go Hyper local - With the help of new hyper local algorithms in platforms like Facebook, Google and Whatsapp, small business owners could now create better ROI driven models to generate footfalls into their stores. Not only it has been found cost effective, but it also helps calculate the returns effectively. This wasn't possible with the traditional marketing tools before.

This is one of the main reasons why an increasing percentage of marketing executives are getting enrolled in courses in the likes of Executive Programme on Digital and Social Media Marketing offered by IIM Calcutta. The course curriculum has been designed to equip modern marketing professionals with the know-how of leveraging the tremendous power of all the digital marketing tools and marketing strategies of paramount importance. Replete with innumerable case studies and interaction with marketing veterans, these courses enable marketing executives to transform adversity into a great opportunity.