Amid Coronavirus outbreak, companies around the globe are taking precautionary measures. The precautions include cancelling in-person meetings, work travel bans, and implementing voluntary or mandatory work from home (WFH) policies.

For those used to working remotely or who are dealing with the situation for the first time, these tips will help you to make sure that you stay productive.

1. Dedicated Workspace

The first and most important task is to create a workspace that is conducive for work from home. Ideally, it can be a place with no or minimal disturbance and no bed to tempt you away. It will help you in staying comfortable and more focused on the work A desk and chair are advised options than working on the sofa with your laptop.

2. It’s a real job

Just because you are working from home and can sit in your pajamas all day across doesn’t mean you actually should do that. Take a shower, get dressed and treat it like any other day you go to the office. This can be a big move towards productivity.  

3. Stay Organized

Define your daily set of goals to avoid losing the focus or going adhoc. Technology apps like Google Keep can help keep your goals organized and focused throughout the day.

4. Communication is the key

Make sure to keep communicating with your team leader and your colleagues to avoid feeling isolated. Getting in a 10-minute call with your senior at least once a day can ensure you stay motivated and in line with the team goals. Try to get in call or video with your colleagues for the routine queries instead of sending them an email. Regular performance analysis can also be helpful in the process.

"A study by online brand development agency Buffer on 2,500 remote workers found that loneliness was the second-most reported challenge (experienced by 19% of the respondents)."

5. Keep your spirits up! Your team needs it

The times are bad and the newspapers are filled with negative headlines all over. Worrying about others or fearing of getting ill and make you go on the panic mode. But the constant effort of communication and avoiding negative news on all the channels can completely help in avoiding the negative mindset. So staying positive and motivate your team .

6. Stay Healthy

In the end, keep a tab at your mental and physical health. Include activities like yoga, meditation or even 20 minutes walk daily as part of your routine. Try to learn something new by using the spare time you will have with WFH. 

Issued in the interest of working professionals