“Finding the lesson behind every adversity will be the one important thing that helps get you through it”, thus wrote Roy T. Bennett, the famous author.

The pandemic has been catastrophic for an incomprehensible number of businesses and professionals across all levels and industry verticals with the entire social and economic set-up undergoing massive disruption. In parallel, we are also witnessing a phenomenal level of innovation in business models and newer start-ups flourishing basis the immediate market demands. So depending on the individual perspective and mindset, many professionals are leveraging this trying time to polish their skills and make powerful comebacks even in this trying situation.

According to a report published by McKinsey Global survey a few months back, around 87% of executives across the globe experienced staggering skills gaps which became even more pronounced during the pandemic. Today, the greatest challenge lies in completely adapting to the challenging mode of remote operation whilst leveraging newer technologies like never before.

While companies like Amazon have introduced their learning platforms like AWS Educate, a lot of individuals are enrolling for online courses in AI, Supply Chain, Banking & Finance, Block Chain, Intrnational Business, and Digital Marketing from deemed institutions in the likes of IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore, IIFT and to name a few. One is skill-building and then there is creating that impactful CV that attracts potential hiring partners.

So, here are some of the key ways of crafting an effective CV that brings to forefront your inherent skills, achievements, experience and learning.

1. Build a resume around industry keywords

The social and economic mechanisms have undergone tumultuous changes in the past 5 years. This holds not only for business and daily operations but also in the way resources are hired. Therefore, it is important to understand the way an HR looks at each resume as a marketing tool.

With Applicant Tracking Systems scanning the basis of the resume certain industry keywords, you need to incorporate industry-specific and role-specific keywords to make it easily searchable.

2. Highlight your accomplishments more than the job responsibilities

During the pandemic, job losses are on the rise due to shift in market norms. Even the recruiters are aware of it. Typically under each job role, candidates highlight in bullets all that they were meant to do. Instead, spin around a tale of achievements under each different job roles in your CV.

This enhances your resume because the recruiter is never interested in what you were expected to do in your previous job roles but in what you achieved in each of those roles.

Well, do highlight the training and professional courses that you have undertaken to polish your skills. This reflects the seeking spirit to learn and adapt to the changing times.

3. Select a clear design that makes it clearly readable

It’s utmost important that a candidate’s CV stand out as there is a surge of applications for jobs across verticals during the Covid19 situation.

Design and layout of the resume is the key to making it effective. Eliminate all that is simply wordy and doesn't serve any main purpose. Select one that aptly resonates with what you want to highlight. In terms of font, avoid using Calibri or Mono Corsiva, use Times New Roman or Arial instead.

4. Customize the CV around the job description

Customizing the CV as per the job description is a reflection of your basic attitude towards your entire exercise of finding the much-desired job. Also customizing your CV makes it more easily searchable as per the keyword bots and helps the hiring personnel cast you as a potential candidate.

5. Limit your resume to single or two pages

Time is money and therefore, the length of your CV truly reflects your attitude towards your on time and other's time. Brevity holds the key to grab the eyeballs. In a wordy CV, your achievements may hibernate behind lengthy passages and archaic words.

Clear and concise CVs have proven to be much more effective where the hiring personnel can go through it with ease and effectively map it with the job requirement.

Furthermore, proofread your resume multiple times to avoid any grammatical errors. Your CV is a reflection of your professional identity. So do invest considerable time in building it.