The confusion has been ever evolving when it comes to selecting either a business management courses or an business administration course, for a budding entrepreneur. There are various factors adding to the confusion since, in the real experience, these are quite similar. Their indistinguishable tasks and responsibilities only make it more challenging. Sometimes business administration & business management are defined in a way that the former one is associated with clerical tasks while the latter one is more about decision making – but, it completely depends on an organization to define these two, unless then, they remain the same.

The degrees in both these areas add value to your educational qualification if you’re looking for a career in business. This is because both the courses are designed with specialization areas which focus on specific niche of study. Both are equally good foundations. The only difference is, if you’re more focused on the area of work than Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offers better specialization while Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is more generic, guiding you through all the aspects of business. In both segments you will discover the significance of leadership to run any organization efficiently.

Let’s understand each of these in detail with their unique features and utility and practical life scenarios.

Business Administration – An independent leader of business

  • Focuses on narrowed pathways of business studies with specialization in areas like marketing, finance, accounting, human resource etc.
  • Before the actual selection, a student shall learn an outline of all these as a part of curriculum to understand his own passion.
  • These electives are then adorned with hands-on-experience with a project, without which they cannot get their graduation degrees.
  • The course focuses on effective communication thereby empowering candidates to be more self-reliant and confident.

Business Management – A complete package to meet all organizational goals

  • With a broader perspective, this course covers all the aspects of business with equal attention.
  • If a student is not sure on specialization, this is the course for them, since, it doesn’t necessarily pressurize her/him into choosing a core topic.
  • It focuses more on verifiable aspects of business like planning, organizing, implementing and managing activities which makes them industry ready.
  • Equal emphasis are given to softer skills like leadership, communication, negotiation etc. to empower every student.

In a nutshell, if we put both of these courses in a proper perspective, it would be right to say that business administration is involved in major decision making function and brainstorming where the major decisions of an enterprise as a whole are taken whereas business management professionals are expected to execute these decisions effectively within the framework set by the administration. The core functions of planning and organizing rest in the hands of administration whereas those of controlling and motivating remain with the management. This makes it very clear that administration refers to the top level of authority which handles all the business aspects whereas management refers to middle level activities and is responsible for handling employees.

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Most often, business administration and business management are used reciprocatively hence creating more dilemma. However, it would be useful to understand that every organization will have a defined set of roles for each of these. So, while choosing a course, it is of prime importance that the candidate looks into the areas of learning deeply to avoid glitches in future, after all, it is a question of a young entrepreneur’s entire career.

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