Why should one choose an advanced course in Operations and Project Management for further career progress? What prospects does Project Management have to offer? With an appealing salary package, an advanced degree in Operations and Project Management may enable one to handle various parts of a firm, such as planning, manufacturing, production, analysis, teamwork, risk, cost, or outcome. Every business executive is involved in project management in some capacity. An Operations and Project Management executive is accountable for the project's success or failure, including project planning, execution, and closure, as well as general operations management.

 Importance of Project Manager

“If your organization is not good at project management, you’re putting too much at risk in terms of ultimately delivering on strategy” -Mark A. Langley, PMI President and CEO. Every year, the rate at which business accelerates to remain ahead of creative trends, project managers are put under increased pressure to keep new initiatives on track. As a result, in the subsequent years, the necessity for efficient project management inside a business will only grow.

The following figures are evidence for the need for a great project manager:
-Poor project management wastes about ten percent of every dollar spent.
-Over the next 20 years, project-oriented sectors will contribute $20.2 trillion to GDP.
-93 percent of firms use standardized project management procedures, yet only 58 percent truly comprehend the benefit.

The saviors of project management are project managers. They're the ones who make sure that everything happens according to plan. When the unexpected occurs, they are the ones who can get everything back on track. People who can bring together numerous teams, departments, and stakeholders to ensure the success of the project. The project manager's competence has never been more important as the importance of operations and project management grows. Project managers are in charge of communicating changes, understanding how to get the most work out of everyone, and steering the project from start to finish, even when it veers off course. They not only plan and arrange the work, but they also explain the value of project planning so that everyone on the team understands why it is crucial. One’s management approach moves from good to exceptional if he/she is the right person putting their project's strategy into action- "Behind a good project, there is a great project manager."

 Skills and Important Points to Become a Great Project Manager

Not only can one be a great project manager if they have the ability to lead, plan, and communicate, but also need to be able to deal with daily challenges, which necessitates accountability, adaptability, analytical and strategic thinking, decisiveness, a stress-resistant personality, and even a little love for risk-taking. As a result, being a multitasker with excellent written and spoken communication abilities may propel individuals to the top of the industry's project management ranks. For ongoing future success and advancement in their careers, executives must comprehend and implement concepts of operations and project management in their present responsibilities.

MDI Gurgaon’s Advance Programme in Operations and Project Management (APOPM) assists people in operations and project management or aspiring to a senior project manager role to improve their chances of advancement. The major focus of the programme is on developing strategic business and project management abilities in early-career professionals in order to boost a company's profitability. Those who can exhibit expertise in this area are seen to be more appealing to potential employers.