‘Change’ is the only factor that’s constant in business nowadays. Rest, everything keeps moving. Lately, the digitisation, big data and internet-of-things have been the big transforms in various sectors ranging from mining to health. Here is where ePost Graduate Programmes (ePGP) arises that helps people accelerate their skills and become leaders of the transforming industry. While, one has studied enough and has started his career, going back to college and gaining extra knowledge isn’t feasible most of the times. This has led to the emergence of ePGP that let’s one enhance their skills without compromising on their earnings and position. Major benefits one undertakes from an eMBA or ePGP are as follows:

Strategical Thinking and Management

Postgraduate programmes let a person think more creatively and positively. One is likely to come up with innovative ways of questioning a business and coming up with enhanced strategies. These programmes enable the students to think out of the box and start with strategical thinking. Moreover, these programmes train the participants about how to approach an issue from different perspectives that may include finance, marketing, accounting, strategy, HR, etc. Thus, this overall knowledge builds confidence and equips them with the necessary skills in decision making.


People from different working backgrounds and industries come up to enhance their skills here. Moreover, the alumni add up to the network of the learners. In ePGP programs, various hosted events let the students build their network.

Business Acumen

Not just the business issues, the case studies and the simulations also equip the learners with handling ambiguities of their decisions. Many case studies involve conflicting information that plays with the mind of the student in handling complexities. Handing such critical aspects develops a business acumen for senior levels of an organisation.

Value Generation

A lot of students who are a part of these programmes are people who want to start a new venture and get into entrepreneurship. They get an opportunity to develop a high-quality business plan on a large scale with both academic support and expert guidance from industry experts.

Soft Skills

Soft skills in every manner right from listening effectively to emotional intelligence or making effective sales pitch are a part of the programme. Generally, an ePGP programme organises special workshops for the same.
IIM Ahmedabad organises one of the popular programmes as an ePGP.

IIMA’s e-Mode PGPThe ePGP in management at IIMA is a 2-year post-graduate diploma course. one can take up this course after three years of full-time work experience. The programme aims at equipping the junior, mid and senior-level professionals. It powers the learners with all the management, business and strategical factors required to take step up to the next level. The programme is suitable for anyone who seeks to start his own business or wants to grow up in an existing organisation. One is eligible to take the course after graduation and three years of full-time work experience.

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