In the year 1963, the first IIM was set up at Joka, a suburb of Kolkata. The primary objective of setting up of the IIMs was the purpose of making available efficient and professional managers who can ideally guide India to the new dimension of economic growth after independence.

For this very purpose, the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru being advised by the Planning Commission of India set up the first IIM. The number grew as years passed and at present, there are twenty such reputed institutions all over India making available proficient managers for the public and the private sector undertakings.

For some being a student at IIM is the dream but for some, that is the beginning of the rise that they foresee for themselves also for the company they are engaged with. You will find successful managers who have started their journey of being famous from the IIMs. There are many who have not only succeeded in their own professional field but have made India proud.


Let us see some of the best IIM alumni who have to succeed professionally and made us proud.

Those who excelled to make us proud

There are many who have excelled in their field from IIM. As they are many it is difficult to select the famous. We have tried to select a few from the many but there are still other who needs to be mentioned.

Amish Tripathi - The person who sells fictions

He started his educational journey from St. Xavier’s studying economics and got admitted to IIM Calcutta. He started working in the financial sector after pass out but listening to his heart he took up writing and wrote the Shiva Trilogy.

Harsha Bhogle - The one who makes cricket live

He is one who started his journey as a cricket commentator. He was one by the age of 19. He then got himself admitted into BTech. in Chemical engineering and then to the PGDM at IIM Ahmedabad. He then started to be one of the cricket commentator who is loved by all.

Mallika Sarabhai - The dancing queen of India

Though we now know her as the dancer who is liked by all, but she studied at IIM Ahmedabad and did her diploma. She is exponent in two of the gorgeous Indian dance forms. She was the one who not only received the Padma Bhushan award but was also nominated to be one for the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2009.

Vijay Mahajan - The social entrepreneur from IIM

He is the one who made dreams possible to happen. He made a reality with that what others could only dream about. He was one of the most stared students of IIT Delhi and then a gold medalist from IIM Ahmedabad. Due to his financial disability, he could not Kennedy School of Government so he started his work as one who stood by the side of financially disabled for making possible their persuasion. He worked in organizations like PRADAN and Vika before he formed his own company by the name of BASIX. The main purpose of the organization is to provide employment to the poor and especially the women.

Nila Madhab Panda -The IIM alumni who show dreams

He is one of the students on IIM Ahmedabad who excelled as a filmmaker. The Eleanora Images and International screen writer lab founded by him are those which showed Indian Film industry the right path. The children’s movement in Indian cinema started under his guidance.

Shikha Sharma - The one who heads Axis Bank

Axis Bank the third largest bank in India is headed by one who has studied at IIM. She is an able leader and under her able guidance, the bank has gained more prominence in the financial arena.

Shanmugam Manjunath - The one who exposed corruption

This prominent student from IIM Lucknow will be remembered by all as the one who stood against corruption and gave his life. He stood against the oil mafia and paid the final sacrifice to make the society corruption free.

Deep Kalra - The one who made travel comfortable

What does come to your mind when you think of planning your next vacation? It is the necessity of a travel agency. The name that strikes the chord first is Make My Trip. You will be astonished to know that the brain behind this successful organization is one from IIM. Deep studied at IIM and after pass out made happen such a site that we all from all over the world rely on his company to travel.

Rajesh Gopinath - The one who heads TCS

He is one of those brilliant students from IIM Ahmedabad who heads TCS only being in the company for 16 years. His professionalism and expertise made him succeed Natrajan Chandrasekaran. The brilliance of Rajesh can be gauged by the fact that just after being in the company for 16 years he is now the CEO and MD of that company.

Aswath Damodaran - Professor of finance that one loves to learn from

Aswath passed out from IIM Bangalore in the year 1979 and now he is the one who is that Professor of Finance from whom all wants to learn not only in India but globally. He teaches at Stern School of Business at New York but has to travel worldwide to deliver lectures at different institutions.

Indra Nooyi – The CEO of Pepsi

Indra passed out of IIM Calcutta and is now the CEO of Pepsi. She is one whose name is a constant inclusion amongst the names of the most powerful women according to Forbes. She was also elected to be the Chairwomen of the US-India Business council. It does not end here she received the Padma Bhusan for being one who devoted much in the field of business.

These are a few of the famous IIM alumni, there are many who should have been on the list. The institutes are such that one who passes out from IIM is sure to excel and make an impression in the field that they work in.