"Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; they're not just lying around on  the surface."
Ken Robinson

The role of Human resource in any firm is lifelike and cannot go unnoticed in any way possible. The irony is that HR professionals also have to go through the same process of the interview for which they are actually applying.

The answer to the topic is very clear, prepare yourself like you are the interviewer.to crack an HR position interview, imagine yourself being on the other side of interview table and think what questions would you have asked if you are taking an interview of a candidate who is here for the said HR role in your organization. Quite simple right? While with this advice you are prepared 80% for the interview, but you need to be precise and good in terms of behavior, personality, and attitude while sitting in for the interview

Be in your A game here are 5 tips you should follow to get past the interview and to get closer to your dream job

1.Knowledge of Human Resources Field: 

 First and foremost is known about the HR function and your role in it. Without knowledge of the desired role, you will not do justice in convincing your creditability for the role. Valid certification in your portfolio will increase your chances to get hired exponentially. One can choose to enroll in certification courses offered by XLRI and IIMs’ A knowledgeable candidate is always more confident in facing challenging questions and scenario during the interview., besides one must know the trades of their respective industry, So, pull up your socks and start preparing.

2.The EYE contact:

This is one interview etiquette that every aspirant should know before entering the interview room. According to surveys candidates who don’tmaintain eye contact while speaking are most likely to get rejected. Eye-contact doesn’t mean you stare at them continuously and make them uncomfortable. Maintain formal eye contact with a soft focus of eyes.

3.The game of Aptitude:

The aptitude test is always a decisive factor for the success or failure of the interview. The “situation game” is for testing the presence of mind of a candidate and his/her decision-making skill. Therefore, try to simulate situations yourself and resolve them in a professional method some examples are: How would you deal with an unethical situation? How will you handle job elimination? And if you are experienced then interviewer could create situations from your previous organization. However, it’s not possible for someone to know the answer to all the aptitude’s questions. One can opt for expert training by reputed institutions like IIMs and XLRI to enhance their knowledge, aptitude and hence increasing the chances of clearing the interview.

4. Be a good listener: 

Patience is the quality which is essential to every HR candidate. You must have the capability to listen carefully and with utmost patience. Never interrupt when the interviewer speaks. Interfering is a sign impatience and looked upon as ill-mannered.

5.Future of HR and you:

The interviewer may ask you where you see yourself 5 years from now? Or where do you see the Human Resource function in 5 years? It's not wrong to be ambitious and show it to the interviewer. Your interest in the field and, knowledge of the latest industry trends will help the interviewer map your career path in the organization. This practice not just helps keep you on the right career path, but also helps to make amendments in your strategies to reach your career goals and on the shorter-term action plan, it helps you to leave a positive impression on your interviewer and boosts your chances to get hired.

Bonus tip: If you are tongue-tied and unsure of an answer to a question then it’s okay to accept your unfamiliarity and use the ‘I need to check’ rule.

All the best!