Does Gender play a role in deciding a leader? Let’s look at some data points to ascertain this heavily debated topic. According to the Fortune magazine, only 7.4 per cent of Fortune 500 CEO roles were held by women. Hang on! There are two sides to the same coin so let’s look at this from another perspective. According to a report published by S&P Global: “In the two years following a new CEO appointment, the stock price for companies that appointed female chief executives outperformed those that appointed men by an average of 20%,” What does this mean, are women better than men or vice versa, well the answer is a definitive no. Leadership has absolutely nothing to do with gender but everything to do with an individual’s capabilities & their personality traits.

Research shows that women have innate leadership traits which empower them to manage tasks, organisations much more effectively. 

EI: Emotional Intelligence 

As a leader, you need to Isolate yourself emotionally and assess a given situation pragmatically including your relationship with others. Women are natural nurturers who can take care of everything and yes, they are damn good at it.. So the next time you see a woman in a leadership role remember she is probably not just acing in her job but she is basically the superwoman of the house managing essentially everything without patronizing herself. 

Social Responsibility 

Scientifically women find it easier to empathize with others and hence they associate success based on a system of values and don’t equate decisions just in terms of profit &/or loss. Women leaders understand the social impact of a relative decision with far more alacrity thereby ensuring a statically higher probability of securing more pay parity and general social welfare. 


Women are patient leaders who take calibrated decisions with a higher probability of success because they understand that good things take time.. A women best understands the behavioural traits of her child predict the actions of the child to understand if it requires any immediate attention or not. Likewise, in a boardroom under crunch situations, women cannot just intuitively sense the future outcome of a decision or a deal but perhaps are most suited to handle a given situation no matter how bad it may appear, patiently. 

Excellent Negotiators 

As a leader, an individual needs to negotiate almost every day with fellow employees, colleagues, external stakeholders, etc. A woman has evolved negotiating her way through tyranny, war, and so on. A woman in a boardroom possess the right set of skills to create a win-win  situation for everyone involved. She is naturally inclined to not just think in her favour but also consider the other's point of view which in turn makes her a natural negotiator. 


The ability to decisively and quickly respond to simultaneous and different tasks or problems at a given point of time is a significant component to successful leadership. Women often balance their careers with household work because they need to accomplish far more in a day, hence they usually become experts in donning multiple hats. So virtually they’ve become good at making decisions quickly under crunch situations.

Even though women have organic leadership qualities, by exploring  courses like Advanced Management Programme for women leaders by IIM Indore, they could hone the other traits required for senior management positions. To become better equipped to face several challenges and lead an organization effectively.

It’s not about whether women are better leaders than men but more about what makes women better leaders holistically.