Ever wondered where to start from, whilst on a job-hunting spree? LinkedIn is one of the go-to platforms for any individual searching for a new job for grabbing the "Perfect" opportunity. It is one of the best platforms that will give you a kick-start to your career and explore the options worldwide.

Studies show that, around 95% of the recruiters on LinkedIn are looking for viable candidates to recruit for crucial positions. LinkedIn, has around 500 million unique monthly visitors consisting of recruiters and other professionals. It is one of the largest platforms, providing alerts on the latest job opportunities based on the keywords one opts for.

Benefits of having a presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known to be the "encyclopaedia for the recruiters". Having nothing less than a perfect LinkedIn profile increases your chances of getting noticed and ultimately hired for a job you desire. Furthermore, it allows you to get in touch with the stalwarts of the industry and know what is cooking, the latest trends in the function, best practises and more.

Interested in converting your LinkedIn profile to an online version of you? Listed below are 5 tips for getting recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn:

  1. Select an awesome display picture

The very first tip is to ensure that you have a display picture on the profile. Profiles with no picture are generally ignored due to suspicion. Also, ensure that the picture you select is professional, a well-lit one and recent.

  1. Pen down an eye-catching headline

Keep in mind that recruiters are looking out for a perfect fit for the job roles. They would not want to hire anyone who is confused about himself. The headline is the part which describes YOU in a short and crisp way. Keep it clear and interestingto get it noticed at once.

  1. Create an interest evoking description

The description is the part wherein you can present your personality, experience and achievements. Also, you can describe what you want your career trajectory to be like. Ensure that it is in the first person. Also, it should not be confusing and should display clarity of thoughts. Moreover, the keywords mentioned in the headline should also be present in the description to end up in the search results.

  1. The Power of Networking

Recruiters may also watch out for the number of connections you have on LinkedIn and their relevance. Connect with the relevant individuals of the industry you are in and engage regularly with them. This tells the recruiters that the candidate is good at networking. It also develops a level of trust if the person has connections within the industry. It is recommended you to search for the potential group you would want to connect with. You can opt to send your connection requests to help you learn and grow in your the industry. 

  1. Complete your profile

Finaly, complete your LinkedIn profile as incomplete profile is a big turn-off for the recruiters. It displays a lack of interest from the individual's end. Also, indulge in updating the profile,with your achievements, organisation you work for, new job roles, etc.

Words of wisdom!

A lot of people are sceptical about being present on LinkedIn. But don't be; go all out in creating an interesting LinkedIn profile and in no time, you will be getting calls from potential recruiters offering jobs that you desire. Give you profile an edge by flaunting your updated skill set, curtsey certification in programmes conducted by the top institutes of the India and overseas.