Okay okay, before you get scared, let me tell you how easy and smart life would become if you just gave accounting a chance. Yes, I am sure you have always sighed or shrugged or feared (ran away!) in the idea of studying accounting but it is a saviour. IIM Ahmedabad offers you an Executive Programme in Business Finance which are for working professionals or entrepreneurs who want to know their companies and work better in the financial functions of the company. IIMA's this course is a very concise and cohesive course which is beneficial for mid-level and senior level executives who want to under the financial functions and excel forward in their career.
Here are 4 reasons why you should learn accounting:

You will never be tricked

Every day hundreds of companies are fooling the layman with exorbitant prices of merchandise keeping their profits in check. If one was to know about accounting he or she would know how much one should actually be paying for a particular product or how much should an investment actually be. He or she will have the right idea of the difference between how much profit the seller should make and how much he is making. He or she will also have the intelligence of the quotas and commissions of the sellers and thus will know when to go and invest money so that he or she gets the best price.

Stay up to date with the world

The world runs on money and thus the news is filled with news of the stock market and how money rising and falling is affecting the economy. Accounting helps you to understand and connect better with the world. It allows you to understand what is actually happening and this is how you can get unbiased news of what is actually happening in the world unlike what the news channels give you.
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Be the smartest person in the room

Your work may be in a different field but to have the knowledge of numbers in your head will be a huge head turner in your meetings. It will definitely grab the attention of your boss and make all the other employees question themselves.

Understand your own finances

Every month after the salary is a sweet ride but eventually by the end of it each person is clueless as to where did all their money go? Knowing to account helps you keep track of how much you are spending which automatically helps you to save in a proper manner.

IIMA's Executive Programme in Business Finance gives you a very good background and a strong development of this intelligence. It provides each student with top-class faculty and various activities to help learn better. The course structure is perfect for the attending minds. And lastly, it won't leave you afraid of numbers anymore!