In 2019, Prega News, one of Mankind Pharmaceutical’s product, created quite a stir in the world of social media marketing by launching one of the world’s most meaningful campaigns that aimed to establish gender equality. Targeting the Mother’s Day, it launched its campaign #GoodNewsIsGoodNews. Through this campaign, the brand aimed to deepen it’s connect with soon to be mothers and Indian families in general. Targeting the regressive preference for a boy child, it released a very stimulating and thought-provoking video. Furthermore, the campaign engaged people through a campaign microsite wherein it asked people to vote between preference for gender and preference for a healthy child.  

One can conclude that social media marketing is not just about jazz and flash. It is all about bringing out meaning and the value of a product or a service in people's life. So, the key is to catch the pulse of the target audience and leverage selective marketing channels to build a need for a particular product or service, and through quality customer service carry forward that relationship with the customer. 

Social media marketing today is mind-boggling. With so many approaches and channels, it is indeed challenging to pinpoint the best tools and strategies and converge them to create a winning marketing campaign. So, here’s a list of proven social media marketing tips that will enable millennial marketers to generate significant stir in the market.

  1. SMART goals and objectives – Without having concrete goals and objectives, every effort that a marketer will put in will be meaningless. Goals and objectives like the lighthouse guide every single marketing endeavour. For social media goals, there must always be a number attached. For example- Attracting 700 plus likes on Facebook.
  2. Know Your audience inside out - It is crucial to leverage the power of surveys to understand the target audience. Furthermore, analytics also delivers critical information on demographics. 
  3. Craft a marketing plan specific to each social media platform - One single campaign can have innumerable platform presence. The key is to understand what works on which platform. So, deliver the message with tone suitable to the social media platforms.
  4. Be Regular and Disciplined with posts - The frequency of posts called by each social media platform is different. The notion of One Post A Day doesn't work anymore. To build a relationship with the audience, one has to be in constant conversation with the target audience.
  5. Pick up What's Trending - #Topical A marketer cannot afford to miss the latest trends. Understanding what's being liked by the audience goes a long way in crafting the campaign messaging.
  6. Leverage Metrics to Measure the result - Tracking the result generated through a marketing campaign is crucial and one has to leverage platform-specific metrics. For example- Retweets work for Twitter; Comments  & likes work for Instagram; Impressions & interactions work for LinkedIn. Handling metrics can be quite challenging and for that, a social media marketer must boost his or her skills by enrolling in Executive Program on Digital & social media marketing strategy (EPDSMMS) offered by IIM Calcutta in conjunction with Hughes Global Education. Courses such as this are tailored to offer an intensive understanding of the functional aspects of social media marketing.
  7. Involve Video Content as part of the strategy - Incorporate Facebook Live, Youtube videos into the marketing strategy to gain more traction in terms of audience attention. 
  8. Split test the landing pages of website or campaign microsite - The best approach is to post and re-post same content with different headlines to understand what works. 
  9. Establish strategic partnerships with micro-influencers - Select an influencer who has an active following in a particular niche and then let them promote the brand very naturally. 
  10. Make Internal Teams a part of Marketing Plan - When team members become part of the brand narrative, it makes the campaign more real and believable for people.

“Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.” Lori Ruff.